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Desperados 3 Guide

Table of Contents
Desperados 3 - Mission 7
Desperados 3 - Mission 7
Area where you start the mission. Young John is the only playable character of this mission. You will begin in hiding.
Fountain. You can distract nearby enemies with a coin and kill them with the knife (throws only), however eliminating all of them is optional. Your priority is to keep heading towards the chapel (6).
Path towards the chapel. A single enemy is stopping here - distract him and then avoid him or kill him. Two enemies are having a conversation further ahead - throw a coin to sneak past them.
Area with the tower. Drop down to a path behind the tower and use the vines to reach the entrance to the tower. Climb up and kill the sniper. You can now start killing other enemies with the throwing knife. Eventually you have to gain access to the side path (5).
Side path. You can go there after dealing with the sniper and at least 1 guard. It will lead you to a place where you can climb the vines and reach cemetery grounds.
Cemetery in front of the chapel. John's father and Frank are here. Reaching the cemetery (5) will trigger a cut-scene and end the mission.
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Desperados 3: Mission 7 - map, badges Desperados 3 guide, walkthrough

Last update: Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Key points of Desperados 3 - Mission 7

Important locations on the map

On this page of the World Atlas for Desperados 3 you will find a detailed map for Mission 7 - One Good Shot. The mission area is small and there aren't many buildings here. From our walkthrough you will learn how to reach the chapel and how to sneak into the cemetery.

The full walkthrough for Mission 7 is on the next page. Our guide also contains links and indications that refer to the map. For example, the designation (M7, 5) indicates that you should look at the number 5 spot on the map for Mission 7.

Mission 7: Markings on the map

  1. The red dots symbolize the opponents that young John must avoid or eliminate.
  2. Blue dots indicate all the important places that can be visited. Descriptions of these areas can be found just below the map.

Mission 7: General information

Mission 7 (One Good Shot) is the second flashback that happens during the course of the campaign - Desperados 3: Mission 7 - map, badges - Mission 7 - One Good Shot - Desperados 3 Guide

Mission 7 (One Good Shot) is the second flashback that happens during the course of the campaign. This means that the action of this stage is set in the past and you control young John Cooper. The mission area is very small and the Devil's Canyon location is quite linear. The main objective of this mission is to reach the cemetery adjacent to the chapel to help the main character's father, who is in trouble.

During this mission, Young John can use coins and a throwing knife. The hero, however, is not equipped with any firearms. Fortunately, there aren't any elite enemies in the mission area. The only "unique" opponent is a single sniper.

Playable characters:

  1. Young John - the main character is not entirely defenseless, same as in Mission 1. You can use the throwing knife to kill your opponents.

Mission 7: Badges / Challenges

There are no challenges in Mission 7. Also, there are no Badges to get for completing the mission. Challenges will reappear starting with Mission 8.

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