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Desperados 3 Guide

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Desperados 3: Game length Desperados 3 guide, walkthrough

Last update: Monday, February 22, 2021

This guide page provides detailed information on how long it takes to complete Desperados 3. You will find out the average playthrough time and how many extra hours you have to spend with Desperados III to complete the game in 100% and get the platinum trophy.

1 - Desperados 3: Game length - Appendix - Desperados 3 Guide
  1. Completing all 16 missions for the first time should take you about 25 hours, assuming you played on the hard difficulty level. Playing on normal or easy will reduce that time by several hours. You will encounter fewer opponents on maps and they won't react as quickly.
  2. Completing 100% of the mission challenges (badges) can extend the time by 10 hours. Many challenges in the game are difficult and force you to replay missions under special rules, such as completing them within a time limit or not killing anyone. Expect to go through almost every stage 2-3 times.
  3. Baron's Challenges take several extra hours. However, you only need to complete five of them to get the platinum. These mini-missions take place on the maps from the main campaign, but with new rules.
  4. The platinum trophy is quite difficult to unlock. However, if you manage to complete at least 90 challenges and get the associated achievements, you shouldn't have problems with getting other ones. You can also "cheat" with saving, e.g. for getting trophies that require you to use specific weapons or skills several times.
  5. The ultimate challenge is to beat the entire game on Desperado difficulty level. However, you don't have to do it to get the platinum trophy. But if you want to get it, expect repeating the same sequences over and over again. You need to play all the action perfectly and know the goals of the individual stages.
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