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Genshin Impact Guide

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Genshin Impact: Klee - best builds (Pyro) Genshin Impact guide, tips

On this page of the Genshin Impact guide you will learn about Klee, the best builds for her and what she is best suited for.

Last update: Thursday, May 19, 2022

On this page of the guide to Genshin Impact, you will learn all about Klee, the character with the Pyro element - what she is best suited for, how to build her best, and in which team she will have the greatest potential to perform her role.

General information

Klee is a five-star character suitable for fighting a large number of opponents - Genshin Impact: Klee - best builds (Pyro) - Pyro - Genshin Impact Guide

Klee is a five-star character suitable for fighting a large number of opponents. She fights with a Catalyst. Like Diluc and Hu Tao, she specializes in dealing damage and her main role is DPS.

Klee scales best with Pyro DMG and ATK DMG. In addition, her CRIT Rate and CRIT DMG should be high if you want to have a good build.

Best compositions

  1. Main DPS - Klee/Mona/Bennet/Venti
  2. Main DPS - Klee/Fischl/Bennet/Kazuha
  3. Main DPS - Klee/Mona/Jean/Venti

Pyro DPS Build

As with Diluc and Hu Tao, Klee is also suitable mainly for the Main Pyro DPS. However, she is a bit more difficult to master, because her potential lies in learning how to cancel your animations.

  1. Artifacts - 4x Crimson Witch of Flames/2x Crimson Witch of Flames and 2x Gladiator's Finale
  2. Weapons - Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds/The Widsith/Dodoco Tales

Klee, like other Pyro characters, mainly deals damage related to this element. Therefore, a great choice will be to use 4x Crimson Witch of Flames. They will increase your Pyro damage and damage dealt if you trigger a Pyro-related reaction (such as Overload or Vaporize).

Another option, if you want to focus on pure DMG rather than reactions, is to combine 2x Crimson Witch of Flames to boost your Pyro DMG by 15% and 2x Gladiator's Finale to increase ATK DMG by 18%.

As for weapons, the best Catalyst would be Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds. In addition to the high base DMG, it also increases the CRIT Rate. And it increases the movement speed by 10%. However, this weapon requires you to stay on the battlefield for a minimum of 4 seconds to gain 1 stack, which increases Elemental DMG by 6% (14% with the maximum Refinement). The maximum number of stacks is 4. If you leave the battlefield, the stacks will be gone. Therefore, this weapon gives a huge potential to inflict damage, however, you won't be able to switch characters frequently.

The Widsith is a four-star weapon that increases CRIT DMG - Genshin Impact: Klee - best builds (Pyro) - Pyro - Genshin Impact Guide

The Widsith is a four-star weapon that increases CRIT DMG. If a character with this weapon appears on the battlefield, they will receive one of three random songs for 10 seconds. Recitative increases base ATK by 60% (Refinement lvl. 5 - 120%), Aria will strengthen Elemental DMG by 48% (Refinement lvl. 5 - 96%), and Interlude will enhance Elemental Mastery by 240 (Refinement lvl. 5 - 480). Whatever song you get, it will greatly increase your DMG.

Although the next option is a four-star weapon, it is perfect for Klee. The problem with it is that this weapon was available during the Midsummer Island Adventure event and it is currently unknown whether it will return. However, if you took part in it and have this weapon, it will be perfect for Klee. It not only increases ATK% on sub statistics, but also Normal Attack strengthens Charged ATK DMG by 16% (Refinement lvl. 5 - 32%), and Charged Attack increases ATK by 8% (Refinement lvl. 5 - 16%). Since Klee has a very powerful Charged Attack, this weapon buffs DMG from this type of attack, as well as increases the standard ATK DMG.


Talents are abilities that each character in the game uses. As for Hu Tao, all her talents are very useful, so it is worth investing in them evenly.


Klee, like most five-star characters, is very useful without any constellation. However, each of the constellations strengthens her significantly.

If you don't want to spend Primogems on Klee's banner, C0 is fine. However, if you really want to strengthen your Klee, you only need to draw it 3 times to get C2. This will reduce the DEF of opponents who will be hit by mines by 23%. That's a lot, considering how many opponents can have high DEF. There are many mines so you can lower DEF of several opponents at once, and this effect lasts 10 seconds!

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