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Genshin Impact Guide

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Genshin Impact: Characters tier list Genshin Impact guide, tips

Last update: Thursday, October 15, 2020

On this page of the guide you will read about the characters available in Genshin Impact, and learn which of them are worth or not worth investing in.

At this point in Genshin Impact, there are 23 characters to unlock - Genshin Impact: Characters tier list - Basics - Genshin Impact Guide

At this point in Genshin Impact, there are 23 characters to unlock. Nine of them are five-star characters. They are much harder to come by, but that doesn't mean 5-star characters will be better than 4-star ones. The characters were divided into the so-called. Tiers where S is the best Tier and D is the worst. The truth is that every character is useful, but some characters do a given thing better than others. It is recommended not to invest in Tier D characters.

S Tier

1 - Genshin Impact: Characters tier list - Basics - Genshin Impact Guide
  1. Fischl - Electric - a 4-star ranged character that has a bow and power over electric element. Fischl is great at keeping opponents at bay and is deadly when fighting water-type opponents. Her ability to summon an electric bird is active quite long and hits the nearest opponent every few seconds. During his Ultimate, he transforms into this bird, briefly gaining great mobility and attacking anything he passes through. After the skill elapses, the bird separates from the heroine and attacks everything around her again. The character is accessible, and very powerful, especially in combat, as it is very easy to get an additional effect by combining two other elements.
  2. Diluc - Pyro - a 5-star character fighting in melee range using a sword and fire. Diluc is a great DPS, inflicts some of the biggest damage in the game, and has skills that enhance his attacks with fire. His Ultimate inflicts injuries on many opponents near him. One of the best characters at the moment, but also a little harder to come by.
  3. Venti - Wind - a 5-Star bard who specializes in ranged combat. His two aerial skills combine perfectly. His ability to inflict injuries over time can last up to eight seconds. Combined with other elements, such as Fire, the Venti in your ranks will wreak real havoc.
  4. Mona - Hydro - a 5-star character who attacks from a distance using water. She has a unique running animation, can move through water without swimming, so she is a character that is perfect for exploration. In combat, she can attack several targets at once and has the ability to create a clone that inflicts damage over time and then explodes, inflicting heavy damage. The Ultimate of this character stuns opponents for a few seconds. When you return and hit them, the stun ends but they receive increased damage.
  5. Qiqi - Cryo - a 5 star character armed with a sword. He is one of the best supporting characters. His abilities reinforce his allies for 15 seconds, causing both Qiqi and the other characters to regenerate their health for every attack Qiqi makes. In addition, this skill creates an aura that inflicts damage to targets in its radius.

A Tier

2 - Genshin Impact: Characters tier list - Basics - Genshin Impact Guide
  1. Jean - Wind - a 5 star character, leader of the Knights of Favonius. She attacks using a sword, her skills throw opponents into the air, inflicting wind damage. Her Ultimate inflicts heavy area of effect damage and creates an aura that restores health to each allied character found in its radius. She is one of the better healers and has the ability to stun opponents.
  2. Barbara - Hydro - 4 star character, available for free. This character is a pretty good support. Her primary attacks heal, while the ability to create rain imposes Wet status on opponents. This allows you to create combinations. Her Ultimate increases the maximum HP of all allied characters.
  3. Xiangling - Pyro - a 4-star character that is available for free when you reach AR level 20. He attacks with a spear, inflicts heavy damage, and can summon his bear to the battlefield which attacks everyone with fire. Her Ultimate creates fire that spreads and imposes fire status on nearby opponents.
  4. Keqing - Electro a 5-star character who wields electricity. She attacks in melee range with a sword. She is able to throw an electric dagger toward his opponent; when you use the skill again, you will be taken to the dagger, inflicting damage on those in your path. In addition, her Ultimate inflicts electricity damage to everyone around her. This character is ideal for fighting a larger group of opponents.
  5. Razor - Electro - a 4-star character who attacks using a Claymore. This character is similar to Keqing, but is more difficult to operate. He deals electricity damage - the more charges, the more damage to opponents. The Ultimate summons a protective spirit behind your back - an electric wolf. His and Razor's attacks are connected together.
  6. Xiao-Wind - a 5-star character who attacks with a spear. This character inflicts heavy damage at the expense of his HP. His Ultimate makes Xiao inflict increased damage but the hero loses 3% HP every second the skill is active. By contrast, his standard skill allows him to perform dashes, even in the air.
  7. Chongyun - Cryo - a 4-star character who attacks using a Claymore. Chongyun is ideally suited to fighting larger groups of opponents but doesn't fare very well when he has to fight one more powerful enemy. One of his abilities creates an ice field that adds Cryo's power to your attacks if you are in its area of effect. His Ultimate is very cheap as it only costs 40 energy, so you'll be able to use it frequently. The ability itself summons three ice swords that strike the enemy with great force.

B Tier

3 - Genshin Impact: Characters tier list - Basics - Genshin Impact Guide
  1. Lisa - Electro - 4 star character, you will unlock her for free after a few hours of playing. Lisa could be even higher on the list because her damage dealt is very high, but when it comes to Electro users, there are much better characters than her, such as Fischl. However, if you're not lucky enough to get better characters, Lisa is still a very good option. Her ability allows her to throw an electric ball, stacking it on a given target up to 3 times. If you hold the button responsible for the skill, you will create a lightning strike in a given area (inflict increased damage on those with electricity stacks). Her Ultimate summons a lamp in a given area, which inflicts damage to enemies.
  2. Kaeya - Cryo - 4 star character, you will unlock it for free after a few hours of playing. Kaeya is not a bad character, especially in the beginning when you don't have access to other characters using Cryo. He fights in melee range using a sword, while his ability freezes opponents for a short time and freeze water allowing him to walk on it. His Ultimate surrounds him with fragments of ice that place Cryo status on enemies found in its radius. If you're not planning to spend money on the game, or you haven't found a Cryo character with whom you're satisfied, Kaeya's not bad. However, there are better characters than him, especially in the later stages of the game.
  3. Traveler (player character) - Wind/Geo - the 5 star player character you receive at the beginning of the game. This character has one of two elements to choose from, at the beginning you receive Wind, later when you find a Statue of the Seven you can unlock Geo. Wind element is slightly better than Geo, the problem is that in this form, our character is a worse version of Venti. The skills of these characters are very similar. Ultimate creates an airball close to the player character, dealing damage to the enemies in front of the player, only to throw them into air after a while. In contrast, Ultimate creates a tornado that is directed towards opponents. When it comes to Geo, the ability summons meteorites that deal damage to nearby opponents. Moreover, these meteorites offer protection against some attacks. The Ultimate creates smaller crystals on the ground, pushing opponents away from you, and inflict damage.
  4. Klee - Pyro - a 5-star character that attacks using bombs. Klee is a zoner character. She inflicts the most damage in places where her bombs are placed. Her Ultimate involves throwing one larger bomb in the chosen location, which explodes and creates smaller mines that also explode. An opponent stepping onto them will receive fire damage. This character works best against larger groups of opponents. Her Ultimate involves throwing a bomb at a chosen location, which creates smaller bombs and attacks, opponents, with fiery lasers for about 10 seconds.

C Tier

4 - Genshin Impact: Characters tier list - Basics - Genshin Impact Guide
  1. Bennett - Pyro - a four-star character who attacks using a sword. This is an example of a character that is not completely bad, however Pyro has so many more interesting and better characters in every way that Bennett looks just weak in comparison... His ability allows him to strike with a fiery sword. When you charge the skill, it will blast your opponents into the air, creating a spectacular combo. His Ultimate creates a large explosion, leaving a fiery aura on the ground that heals allies below 70% HP.
  2. Beidou - Electro - a 4 star character who attacks using a Claymore. Her only advantage is that she is quite resilient and can push smaller monsters away from herself. Her ability involves standing still by shielding herself with a barrier, then making a slash and pushing her opponents back. This character gains strength the more injuries he receives, but it's unlikely that the player will allow himself to be hit in order to be stronger... Her Ultimate allows her to send lightning between opponents every time she attacks a target.
  3. Ningguang - Geo - a 4-star character who attacks with Geo. Ningguang is a defensive character. She creates a barrier that inflicts damage and blocks opponents' attacks. The barrier lasts a very long time and it does its job... The problem, however, is that not many characters use projectiles. For now, using defensive characters, such as Ningguang, is not recommended. Her Ultimate throws crystals towards her opponents, which bounce several times between them.
  4. Noelle - Geo - 4 star character, attacks with a Claymore. Noelle is a defensive character - a tank, you might say, but she doesn't have enough HP to be one. The abilities she possesses include a shield that protects her. Her Ultimate reinforces her Claymore, increasing the range of attacks and inflicting more damage.
  5. Xingqiu - Hydro - a 4 star character, attacks with a sword. Xingqiu is a good character to start with, but later his power wanes. Thanks to his skill, he has some protection from injuries. His Ultimate creates a water sword that stacks effects on opponents that it hits - lasts 15 seconds. Unfortunately, this character is not suitable for fighting an opponent who possesses a large amount of HP, as his DPS is low.
  6. Sucrose - Wind - a 4-star character attacking with air missiles. Sucrose is not a weak character, but there are many better characters wielding the same elements, such as Jean and Venti. Her ability allows her to create a small area; opponents in it receive injuries and are pushed away. This skill does not inflict major damage, while the cooldown is 15 seconds! Her Ultimate increases the effective area of the skill, moreover she bumps opponents up to three times, inflicting injuries each time. This character is best when he has to fight a large number of opponents.

D Tier

5 - Genshin Impact: Characters tier list - Basics - Genshin Impact Guide
  1. Amber - Pyro - Amber is a four-star character who fights with bow and fire. Amber is one of the characters we get for free, only after a few minutes of playing. Investing artifacts, weapons, or experience, at least for the moment, is a big loss. Amber is no use for fighting, especially when compared to other characters (I don't even mention Pyro users anymore). She inflicts small injuries; her ability is to throw a bait doll that explodes and injures other opponents. The problem is that the distance to which she throws the doll is very small, the explosion does not cause much damage, and in addition, the detonation process takes a very long time. Her Ultimate, however, summons a rain of fiery arrows. The problem is that the skill only lasts two seconds and the affected area is not one of the biggest... Amber is viable when exploring, e.g. when you need to light a torch from afar.
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