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Hitman 2 Guide

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Hitman Legacy Trophies - Achievements - Hokkaido Hitman 2 Guide, Walkthrough

On this page of the Hitman 2 trophy guide you will find an overview of all Hitman Legacy: Hokkaido achievements. This is part of the trophies associated with the first season. You can try to get them if you have the Legacy Pack and DLC with the Hokkaido episode installed. This was the sixth and also the last major episode of the first Hitman season.

A Long Time Coming

How to unlock: Finish the "Situs Inversus" mission.

Commentary: You will get your achievement no matter how you get rid of Yuki Yamazaki and Erich Soders.

Master of Old and New

How to unlock: Serve Yamazaki sushi with Fugu fish poison and eliminate Soders with the arms of the robot.

Commentary: This trophy is about eliminating mission targets in various ways, so you have to approach the murder several times. For more details, see our Hitman 1 guide.

Prepare a poisoned meal with blowfish and serve it to Yuki. - Hitman Legacy Trophies - Achievements - Hokkaido - Hitman Legacy - Hitman 2 Guide
Prepare a poisoned meal with blowfish and serve it to Yuki.

To eliminate Yuki Yamazaki, you need to obtain a poisoned Fugu fish, prepare a poisoned meal while being disguised as a cook and persuade Yuki to eat it (this is part of an opportunity called "Thrill Seeker").

Sabotage the artificial intelligence, which will allow you to use the robot to murder Soders, - Hitman Legacy Trophies - Achievements - Hokkaido - Hitman Legacy - Hitman 2 Guide
Sabotage the artificial intelligence, which will allow you to use the robot to murder Soders,

As far as Erich Soders is concerned, it is necessary to reach the KAI artificial intelligence room, sabotage it and use a console on the first floor to activate the arms of the robot which carries out the surgery (this is part of the opportunity called "Ghost in the Machine").


How to unlock: Imagine that you will meet - Hitman Legacy Trophies - Achievements - Hokkaido - Hitman Legacy - Hitman 2 Guide

How to unlock: Imagine that you will meet.

Commentary: This achievement concerns the release of Smith, who is imprisoned in one of the fridges at the morgue, as shown in the attached picture. You can open the fridge in two main ways:

  1. Use an encryption device (electrical dongle) - you can find it in the main monitoring room or take it with you on a mission.
  2. Use the magnetic card with no description - it is located in the director's office on the top floor of the hospital.

You will get the achievement just after Smith's liberation, but it is worth taking advantage of the fact that you can take a universal RFID chip from the fridge that allows you to open all the doors in the clinic (without the need to have a proper disguise).

The Sensei

How to unlock: Finish all story missions in "Situs Inversus".

Commentary: This achievement concerns 'Opportunities', i.e. specially prepared circumstances to eliminate mission targets in different ways. You can view the list of Opportunities at any time after pausing the game and checking the appropriate tab. For quite obvious reasons, it is not possible to complete them all in one go. You have to start the task in Hokkaido many times and each time it is best to focus on a selected opportunity (or two if they concern different targets and are not mutually exclusive). Guidance on how to eliminate the main mission targets in various ways can be found in our Hitman 1 handbook.

Hokkaido Escalated

How to unlock: Complete Level 5 of an Escalation Contract set in Hokkaido.

Commentary: Escalation sets require Agent 47 to face increasingly difficult challenges related to assassinations. Hokkaido offers only one escalation contract.

Hints for completing the escalation in Hokkaido (The Meiko Incarnation):

  1. Level 1 - Kill Director Akira Nakamura in any way you want, e.g. by adding poison to his meal (wear a cook disguise) or injecting it unnoticeably with the help of a syringe.
  2. Level 2 - Agent 47 must steal the contents of a safe and murder Akira Nakamura in less than 60 seconds after the theft. The safe is in the bedroom at level 0 (M9.11) and you can open the door leading to it (you need an encryption device) or slide down the drainpipe and go through the window. To open the safe with the diamonds, you need a crowbar, a lockpick or the key from the guard in the room with pills (M9,12). The clock will start ticking when the diamonds are picked up. Once again, use the poison in the form of a syringe. If you are planning to poison the meal, use a rat poison, wait for Nakamura to consume it and, having already taken the diamonds, get the director in the toilet.
  3. Level 3 - This level adds the requirements to kill the mission targets with katana, shuriken or in accidents and it is good to take the shuriken with you on this mission. In addition to the director, you must also kill Shoudai Kurosawa, who works at the morgue. He should be the first one to die. Distract the second employee of the morgue by sabotaging the fuse box and then murder Kurosawa. You can also kill Akira Nakamura with the help of a shuriken and it is best to use it after the poisoned director reaches the toilet.
  4. Level 4 - Several minor handicaps appear at this level. Try to choke and hide the body of the guard guarding the room with the safe. In addition, you must watch out for a security guard in the morgue and sabotage the fuse box when he leaves the mission area or eliminate him when he arrives in the room with the crematorium furnaces.
  5. Level 5 - This level requires you to use a ninja outfit (you can start the mission in this outfit) or the clothes of a motorcyclist who lies in the morgue (M9,7). Regardless of the disguise you choose, first take care of Shoudai Kurosawa. Get rid of the guard guarding the room with the safe and put on his disguise for a while. Reach the kitchen, dress up as a cook and poison Akira Nakamura's meal in the restaurant. Return down, put on the motorcyclist's disguise again and attack the director as he walks to the toilet at level 0 (this is a big change - he has previously visited the toilet at level 1).

Come Prepared

How to unlock: Select starting location and take advance of the delivery option to smuggle your gear into Hokkaido.

Commentary: Both of the aforementioned options become available only after gaining higher mastery levels. Try to complete the mission in Hokkaido at least once on "standard rules" and only then check if you can use the starting point and equipment delivery options.


How to unlock: Reach Hokkaido Mastery Level 20.

Commentary: You can advance to subsequent mastery level(s) by completing the various challenges associated with the mission in Hokkaido. These include eliminating mission targets in different ways, finding unique items useful for assassinations or starting the missions in other locations. You don't have to complete all the available challenges in order to be promoted to level 20 (the game informs you about it, among others, after completing a mission), so choose the challenges that suit you best first.

Note - It is worth fighting for the highest mastery level not only for the sake of achievement. It also unlocks the ability to take elements of Agent 47's equipment with you on mission (at lower levels you have to acquire items during the mission or deliver single items to Agency's hidden caches).

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