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Hitman 2 Trophies - Achievements - Whittleton Creek Hitman 2 Guide, Walkthrough

This page in our trophy/achievement guide to Hitman 2 has the list of all achievements/trophies available in Whittleton Creek. They are part of the new content available in Hitman 2's fifth episode - Whittleton Creek.

Trophy/achievement list in progress. We are planning on expanding the trophy/achievement list for Whittleton Creek in the near future.

Long Shot

How to unlock: Complete "Another Life".

Commentary: You unlock this trophy/achievement regardless of how you complete the "Another Life" mission in Whittleton Creek.

Domestic Accidents

How to unlock: Eliminate Cassidy with laser wires, while fumigated, and take down Janus in a mole hole explosion.

Commentary: This trophy/achievement requires you to eliminate the targets in various ways, meaning you have to replay this mission a few times. More information can be found in our walkthrough for Whittleton Creek episode.

Slow Travel

How to unlock: Exit on a raft.

There Goes the Neighborhood

How to unlock: Complete all Mission Stories in "Another Life".

Commentary: This achievement/trophy is related to Opportunities, unique situations that allow you to assassinate your target in various ways. You can't do them all in a single playthrough. Repeat the Whittleton Creek mission a few times and focus on completing one of the Opportunities (or two if they are connected to two different targets and aren't mutually exclusive). Our walkthrough for Whittleton Creek episode contains tips for eliminating main targets and different assassination methods.

Perfect Crime

How to unlock: Complete "Another Life" on Master Difficulty.

Commentary: Master is the highest available difficulty level in the game. Here, the NPCs are more vigilant, and the close-quarter fights become more challenging. Try to play this mission taking place in Whittleton Creek on Master difficulty after you learn the map.

Community Planner

How to unlock: Select a Starting Location and use an Agency Pickup to smuggle an item into Whittleton Creek.

Commentary: Both options become available after reaching a higher Mastery Level (rank). Try to complete Whittleton Creek at least once by following the "standard rules". Then, check if you can select a starting location and use the option to smuggle items.

Pillar of the Community

How to unlock: Reach Whittleton Creek Mastery Level 15.

Commentary: Reach new Mastery Levels (ranks) by completing various challenges available in the mission that takes place in Whittleton Creek. These challenges require you to, i.e. eliminate targets in a certain way, find items useful in assassinations or start the mission in different starting locations. You don't have to complete all the challenges to reach Level 15. Focus on those that are best suited for you

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