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GreedFall Guide

GreedFall Guide

A swashbuckler game with plague and monsters GreedFall Guide is an extensive walkthrough that will guide you through all the main and side quests. Our tips describe trophies and achievements, characters, fractions and help you locate all secrets and collectibles.

This game guide to Greedfall is a powerful body of knowledge that will allow you to complete the game in 100%. The initial chapters of our guide describe the game's basics and include a brief information concerning game mechanics. Our guide explains how the character development system looks like. Also, it provides information on the differences between various skills, attributes and talents. Our set of advice will help you in winning difficult battles with enemies. Check out our valuable tips that will help you to finish the main story of Greedfall. In the appendix you will find a description of controls for each gaming platform, system requirements and a trophy/achievement guide.

We will guide you through the lands of Greedfall: Serene, New Serene, Wenshaganaw. "The Singing Waters", Vedral. "The Red Woods", Glendgnamvar. "The Shore of the Tall Bones", Tir Dob. "The Black Lands", San Matheus, Vedvilvie, Cwenvar. "The Tall Trees", Steiger Falag. "The Rocky Steps", Hikmet, Magasvar. "The Vale of the Great Battle". We have prepared many maps that will help you to discover the most important secrets and chapels containing additional skills. During the game, you will encounter locations such as Wenshaveye Camp, Village of Vigyigidaw, Village of Vedrhais, Falrhistel Camp, Vigyigidaw Camp, Abandoned Village Camp, Alliance Outpost, De Sardet Residence, or Vedvilvie. West Road.

The Island of Teer Fradee is full of dangers. Fortunately, your companions - Kurt, Siora, Petrus and Vasco will help you in the battle. In our guide you will find a walkthrough for all quests commissioned by your companions. Also, you will read chapters containing info about romances with individual team members. Our guide contains a comprehensive story walkthrough, which will guide you (step by step) through all main story quests, such as: A Cure for Malichor, The Great Departure, The Battle of the Red Spears, Old Countries in a New World, Demonical Cult, Face to Face with the Demon, An Ancient Secret, Mystery of the Ancient Ruins, The Prince's Secret, The Coup D'etat, Treason!, Constantin's Fate.

Our guide has detailed information about all side missions of the game such as: The Charlatan, Heretic Hunt, Disappearance among the Nauts, Coin Guard Merchandise, A Peculiar Alliance, Inquisition, The Man With the Silver Coin, Champion of the Arena, Missing in Action, Amongsts the Ghosts, A Name for a Family, Family Reunion, Forever a Naut, Attack on Caravans, and many other secondary quests.

In the following chapters of guide to Greedfall you will learn where to find all free skill points chapels, read about side bosses and know more about choices that have an impact on the game's finale. Also, you will read about the story finale and various endings in Greedfall. The guide is concluded with an extensive FAQ section that answers such question as: Which skills are the best in the game? How to solve a puzzle with elements? How to get the best equipment in the game? Is Greedfall by Spiders studios similar to Gothic / Dragon Age Inquisition? How long is the game? And many other sites that will fully satisfy your curiosity.

During the game you play as a hero whose main task is to find a cure for a disease that destroys the Old World. In adventure, you have to ensure that you won't harm the native population (protected by the so-called Guards - monsters and other supernatural beings related with the in-game magical powers) or colonizers (whose ranks are fueled by both ordinary settlers, mercenaries or treasure hunters). The decisions you make not only influence the distribution of power on the island, but also they have an impact on how your story may unfold.

Grzegorz "Alban3k" Misztal (

Greedfall - 10 Starting Tips

No - GreedFall Guide
  1. You can quietly visit various houses and rob them (in other words - rob properties of the householders). However, many crates and chests require the talent to open locks.
  2. When visiting a merchant, buy ammunition - the firearms in the game are very powerful, but the ammunition can be pretty rare.
  3. It's worth exploring the game world. Some maps hide minibosses (Keepers) and other strong optional enemies who, for example, guards a chest with legendary items.
  4. When it comes to talents, it is worth spending at least 1 point to charisma and trying to use it during tasks. You will usually succeed in your mission and gain additional reputation. You can try to use the old-fashioned save/load technique before talking with a specific character to succeed in the conversation.
  5. Equip your companions with good weapons - they are really helpful during combat. Kurt with a two-handed weapon is able to destroy a large number of enemies on his own.
  6. Unlock the Magical Healing ability as soon as possible so you won't have to use health potions anymore. Further skill improvements are highly recommended - in the end you can also heal your companions.
  7. While exploring, try to find and set up camps as quickly as possible - fast travel will help you to return to old places to perform a side task.
  8. When fighting enemies, try not to run too far - enemies can "lose sight of you" in combat. This will cause them to reset their health and return to their original location. So it's better not to lose the enemy aggro.
  9. Firearms are very powerful - even an ordinary revolver stuns the enemy and deals a lot of damage. Try to have at least 1 point in the accuracy attribute.
  10. The New Serene Arena awards you with a powerful two-handed weapon. If you work hard and complete all 5 waves early, you can get a great sword. It requires 5 agility and two-handed weapon skill.

Is Greedfall an AAA game?

No. Greedfall is much smaller than a typical AAA game. What's more, in many places you can witness the low-profile of the game and some poorly designed solutions. Greedfall is the most extensive title of Spiders studio, but it's still the AA title, which could use more polishing. However, this does not change the fact that Greedfall is a typical RPG, with a large number of quests, numerous choices and interesting exploration.

Who is behind the creation of the Greedfall?

GreedFall is an RPG with distinctive elements of the action game. The title was developed by Spiders studio, which has in its portfolio such titles as The Technomancer or Bound by Flame. The game was published by Focus Home Interactive.

Is Greedfall a similar game to Elex and Gothic?

Not necessarily. Greedfall is much closer to Dragon Age Inquisition - you travel through vast, closed locations and discover question marks on the map. In addition, you have companions who give you side missions and you can have romances with them. Elex/Gothic have an interesting development system, where you can create hybrids of different classes and play with interesting builds. However, there will be no exciting explorations here, such as mysterious ruins or the choice of just one faction that you may join.

Is there a classic save game option available in Greedfall?

Yes. You can save the game at almost any time by using manual or quick saves. We recommend saving the game before each battle or a conversation in each of the quests. This will allow you to return to a previous save and prepare yourself better for the upcoming battle or test other options of completing a quest (some choices in quests are mutually excluding).

Is Greedfall a difficult game?

Nie. Before you start playing the game, you have 4 difficulty levels - the classic level is quite easy. You can also change the difficulty level during the game as needed, so you can handle the challenges of the game with confidence.

How to change the time of day?

You can travel through the world of GreedFall at different times of the day and night - GreedFall Guide

You can travel through the world of GreedFall at different times of the day and night. As a result, you may want to visit a specific location at a different time. Rest to change the time of day.

The easiest way to rest is to visit one of the houses belonging to the main character (one in each main quest) - you can interact, for example, with a bed. Rest is also possible in each camp of your team - simply approach the campfire. After confirming that you want to rest, you can choose the time of day (e.g. dawn.)

Can I remove the mark from the hero's face?

The mark is visible on the face of the main character right from the beginning, when you are in the character creator screen - GreedFall Guide

The mark is visible on the face of the main character right from the beginning, when you are in the character creator screen. You can't get rid of it no matter what settings you choose for your character. This is not an omission on the part of the developers, only the effect of one of its main features. Your character in GreedFall is one of the thousands of people suffering from Malichor. The mark is just one of the side effects of the disease and it shows that it consumes the body of your character.

More information about Malichor disease can be found on a separate page of our guide. Finding a cure for this disease is one of the main goals of the game. We recommend checking A Cure for Malichor section in our walkthrough.

How many members of the team can travel with you?

You move in a team consisting of three members - it consists of your character and two companions controlled by artificial intelligence - GreedFall Guide

You move in a team consisting of three members - it consists of your character and two companions controlled by artificial intelligence. Since there are more than 2 people in your party, not every team member can travel with you at any given time.

  1. You can change your party composition in, e.g. a camp.
  2. You can't travel with an incomplete party - alone or with only one companion.
  3. Some quests may even require you to have a specific companion in the party. These members will be marked with a lock icon.

Does GreedFall have collectibles?

No, GreedFall doesn't have collectibles. You don't need to deal with finding any notes or other similar secrets.

It is worth noting that in GreedFall, you can find unique legendary items, as well as visit skill shrines. However, these elements can't be classified as collectibles.

Will GreedFall get any DLCs?

No, the authors have no plans for DLCs - GreedFall Guide

No, the authors have no plans for DLCs. The exception is Adventurer's Gear available in pre-orders. This pack includes several clothes and unique weapons, depending on the class selected at the beginning of the game. The above picture shows Adventurer's Gear for the warrior class. It includes, e.g. a flaming rapier.

Can I skip the cut-scenes?

Yes, you can skip the cut-scenes - GreedFall Guide

Yes, you can skip the cut-scenes. On the PC version, you can press Backspace or ESC (depending on the cut-scene, only one of these keys will work).

You can also skip conversations with other characters. You only skip the current dialog line of the protagonist or an NPC. You don't skip the entire conversation. You can use this method, for example, if you have already read the subtitles before the character spoke out their line.

Does GreedFall feature crafting?

Yes, you can (and even should) rely on crafting - GreedFall Guide

Yes, you can (and even should) rely on crafting. In GreedFall, crafting has two main uses:

  1. You can install upgrades on your weapons and armor. They allow you to change the statistics of the item (e.g. increase weapon damage or increase resistance to the elements).
  2. You can produce chemical compounds by using alchemy. We are talking about various types of potions, traps and ammunition for firearms.

Crafting is only available after a number of requirements have been met:

  1. You must have purchased talents of Craftsmanship and/or Science. Each of them can be further improved to increase the possibilities of crafting.
  2. You need to use the crafting table.
  3. Items must have free slots for upgrades if you want to upgrade weapons/armor.
  4. You must have crafting materials or alchemical components at your disposal.

Full information about crafting can be found on the separate page of our guide - Alchemy and Craftsmanship.

The most important PC key bindings in GreedFall

Below you will find a list of the most important controls and key bindings of the PC version of GreedFall. For full information and detailed description of all button functions of PS4 and XONE console gaming pads, please refer to the Controls section of our guide.

Move - GreedFall Guide


Sprint - GreedFall Guide


Main menu - GreedFall Guide

Main menu

Area map - GreedFall Guide

Area map

Attack - GreedFall Guide


Fury - GreedFall Guide


Dodge - GreedFall Guide


Stealth mode - GreedFall Guide

Stealth mode

Camera - GreedFall Guide


Lock-on a target - GreedFall Guide

Lock-on a target

Open the tactical pause menu - GreedFall Guide

Open the tactical pause menu

Statistics - GreedFall Guide


Skill tree - GreedFall Guide

Skill tree

Inventory - GreedFall Guide


Quests journal - GreedFall Guide

Quests journal

Codex - GreedFall Guide


Hide a weapon - GreedFall Guide

Hide a weapon

Change a fighting style - GreedFall Guide

Change a fighting style

Quick load - GreedFall Guide

Quick load

Quick save - GreedFall Guide

Quick save

Does GreedFall have high system requirements?

No, hardware requirements of the PC version of GreedFall are not very demanding. It should run smoothly even on a few years old rig and even at higher detail settings than low. For complete information, please refer to the System Requirements page of our guide.

  1. Operating system: Windows 7/10 64-bit
  2. Processor: Intel Core i5 - 3450 3.2 GHz or AMD FX-6300
  3. RAM: 8 GB
  4. Graphics card: GeForce GTX 660 or Radeon HD 7870
  5. HDD space required: 25 GB
  6. Video card memory: 2 GB

Is it hard to get platinum trophy in GreedFall?

Unlocking the platinum trophy in GreedFall can be quite challenging. The biggest difficulty is the requirement to finish the game at highest level of difficulty - Extreme. It is characterized by much harder fights - enemies appear in larger groups, are faster and deal more damage.

Other problematic trophies are those related to choices that may be mutually exclusive. If you don't want to complete the whole game several times, it's a good idea to save game manually before each important decision. There is also a bit of grind awaiting you that consists in killing several hundred enemies in specific ways or unlocking all abilities. You can find an overview of all available trophies and achievements in our trophy guide.

Can I change the language of the game?

Yes, GreedFall allows you to change the language, although it is troublesome. You cannot change the language at any time during the game or even after you return to the main menu.

  1. If you're playing the PC version, you'll need to find the game in the Steam library, right-click on it, select Properties, go to the language tab, and set a new language. You may need to download the new version.
  2. If you're playing on a console, you'll need to disable the game and change the global language in the console settings. After you restart the game, the language version should adapt to the global language.

Is the world in GreedFall big?

The world in GreedFall is quite large - GreedFall Guide

The world in GreedFall is quite large. The prologue is played out in a relatively small town, but after that, you get to the Island of Teer Fradee. A thorough exploration will take a lot of time - there are large cities, vast terrain, or dungeons with monsters.

In GreedFall you do not travel on a single big map, like in the likes of Skyrim. Instead, you have a few smaller regions. Having reached the edge of your region, you can decide to move to another area.

our world atlas for GreedFall includes a high-quality maps of the world. All the main locations that you can visit are marked there. Each of them was also described in detail.

Can I jump in the game?

No, GreedFall doesnt let you freely jump - GreedFall Guide

No, GreedFall doesn't let you freely jump. You can only do that in certain spots. See an example in the image. Here, as you may also see, the game requires 2 points of Vigor to be able to jump to the next balcony.

This doesn't mean that you can't climb at all in the game. Some walls are interactive. After standing near a wall like that, you can decide to climb it to bypass an obstacle, for example. In addition, the main character can also use ladders.

Why can't my character move on?

Some of the locations in GreedFall have invisible walls - GreedFall Guide

Some of the locations in GreedFall have invisible walls. They can prevent you from going further, even if there is no visible obstacles. If you run into an invisible wall, turn around and leave the place. Trying to get around it would be a waste of time.

Why can't I create an object?

Thats simple - some weapons and armors in GreedFall require certain stats from the hero - GreedFall Guide

That's simple - some weapons and armors in GreedFall require certain stats from the hero. The game will not allow you to use this item until the requirements are met.

Information about the requirements for weapons or armor you can read by selecting an item from the inventory or the menu of the merchant. In the example above, the axe can only be used after unlocking the One Handed Heavy Weapons skill and increasing the strength attribute to 3.

Can I pickpocket in GreedFall?

No, GreedFall does not include pickpocketing mechanics - GreedFall Guide

No, GreedFall does not include pickpocketing mechanics. You can't steal from enemies. The good news is that you can safely take valuables from boxes and other containers, even if they are in someone's dock or near a merchant's kiosk.

Watch out in the locations that are restricted areas (such as places protected by factions). You have to sneak or wear a disguise if you don't want to be spotted (attacked) or loose reputation.

Is there a level cap?

Yes, GreedFall only lets you get to level 99. Chances of reaching the cap in one playthrough are slim, but GreedFall lets you grind by, for example, fighting on arenas.

About GreedFall Guide

Author : Grzegorz "Alban3k" Misztal & Jacek "Stranger" Halas & Natalia "N.Tenn" Fras for

Translator : Mateusz "Ictius" Sawka

Use the comments below to submit your updates and corrections to this guide.

GreedFall Video Game

  • genre: RPG

  • developer: Spiders
  • publisher: Focus Home Interactive
  • platform: PC, PS4, XONE

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