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Mass Effect: Andromeda Game Guide by

Mass Effect: Andromeda Game Guide

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How to earn Credits in Mass Effect: Andromeda? Mass Effect: Andromeda Guide

Remember to regularly sell Salvage to acquire huge sums of Credits. - How to earn Credits in Mass Effect: Andromeda? - FAQ - Frequently asked questions - Mass Effect: Andromeda Game Guide
Remember to regularly sell Salvage to acquire huge sums of Credits.

The player begins his/her journey in Mass Effect Andromeda with an empty wallet and during the first hours of the game you won't get many Credits. When you finally reach a vendor with some better equipment you will be terrified to see that even though you've been saving Credits for hours, you still won't be able to afford much. You should be aware which types of items you can sell to earn a substantial amount of Credits without hindering your chances for survival.

Credits can be acquired by:

  • Completing quests. Most of the time you will be rewarded with EXP and Andromeda / planet viability points, but sometimes you will also earn a small amount of Credits.
  • Send Strike Teams on missions. When a Strike Team mission is successful, you will be given various rewards, with a chance to get a Credit box containing small amount of them. The harder the mission (there are following ranks: Bronze, Silver, Gold), the better the rewards and higher amount of Credits you can get.
  • Open containers scattered around the planets and buildings. There are hundreds of containers scattered on the surfaces of planets. Most of them contain items of almost no value, but some can hold extremely valuable treasures, allowing you to sell them for hundreds of Credits. Explore the buildings and planets surfaces thoroughly - if there's a mysterious object in the distance there's a chance that a container filled with valuable items is located near it. Unlocking the Reconnaissance Cryo Pod from the Military tab will mark all of the hidden containers near Forward Stations. Those containers are full of extremely valuable items and sometimes even Credits.
  • Sell Salvage. Some of the items you collect will belong to a category called Salvage. Those items can't be used in combat, can't be equipped and used as a crafting materials. Fortunately for you, Salvage can be sold with a profit - sometimes allowing you get thousands of Credits in one go.

Thanks to the above methods you should be able to amass quite a large amount of Credits, allowing you to purchase whatever you want from vendors.

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