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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Guide by

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Guide

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Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Aerith - best build, development Final Fantasy 7 Remake guide, walkthrough

This page of the FF7 Remake guide has our build for Aerith. The woman joins the team later in the game, but she will quickly steal your heart with her magical abilities. We present a proven build for Aerith that will make the most of her potential.

1 - Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Aerith - best build, development - Team - Final Fantasy 7 Remake Guide

Aerith's development up until Chapter 9

  1. Aerith serves mainly as a support for the rest of the team, so it is best to develop her magic skills. Her role in the team will be healing and buffing.
  2. In Chapter 8, buy Telluric Scriptures Vol. 1 at the Moogle Emporium, to boost her SP.
  3. Aerith's default weapon is Guard Stick. It has a great skill - Arcane Ward, which allows you to cast spells twice when inside the ward's area. This is the basis for Aerith!
  4. Moogle Emporium sells another weapon for Aerith - Silver Staff. This weapon is worth using.
  5. Choose the following weapon skills: Silver Staff Core - Max HP +150, Max MP +10, New Materia Slot, Magic Attack Power +10. The whole first tier is great for Aerith.
  6. When it comes to Materia, use Prayer Materia to heal the entire team, Healing Materia to heal Cloud when his HP is critically low, Auto-Cure Materia when you are only with Cloud, Refocus Materia and one offensive Materia. For example, Fire Materia
  7. As for a Summon Materia, choose Shiva.
  8. When it comes to accessories and armor - choose ones that will help Aerith survive in battles.

Aerith's development up until Chapter 18

  1. Aerith's development follows a similar pattern until the end of the game. Make her focus only on casting spells, equip with Magnify Materia + Healing Materia and let her heal the entire team with spells. In breaks, she can also cast powerful spells, after using the Arcane Ward.
  2. You get Arcane Scepter by completing Dynamite Body or Shear's Counterattack side missions in Chapter 9. You can find Mythril Rod at the beginning of Chapter 11. Bladed Staff must be stolen (using Steal Materia) from Eligor, a boss in Chapter 11. Reinforced Staff is found in a chest at the beginning of Chapter 17.
  3. Equip Aerith with Healing Carcanet to easily heal the entire team with her spells.
  4. When it comes to weapons, you can use Reinforced Staff or Mythril Rod with plenty of Materia slots and improved Magic Attack.
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