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Fallout 4 - Quests M5
Fallout 4 - Quests M5
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Cambridge Map M5 Fallout 4 Guide

Key points of Fallout 4 - Quests M5

Areas where you can begin quests

Cambridge Police Station [1] Brotherhood of Steel quests: Fire Support, Call to Arms, Semper Invicta, Shadow of Steel, Quartermastery, Cleansing the Commonwealth.

USS Constitution [2] Side quest: Last Voyage of the U.S.S. Constitution.

Cambridge Polymer Labs [3] Side quest: Cambridge Polymer Labs.

Greenetech Genetics [4] Main quests: The Molecular Level

Bunker Hill [5] Side quests: Special Delivery

Institute [6] Main quests: Institutionalized
Brotherhood of Steel quests: The Nuclear Option, A New Dawn.
Institute quests: Synth Retention, The Battle of Bunker Hill, Building a Better Crop, Plugging a Leak, A House Divided, Reclamation, Appropriation, Pest Control, Hypothesis, Political Leanings, Mass Fusion, Pinned, End of the Line, Airship Down

C.I.T. Ruins [7] Institute quests: Mankind - Redefined

The above M5 map shows the fifth sector of the world map in Fallout 4. It's the central part of the game world in which you will find, among other places, the city of Cambridge. Yellow dots on the map mark locations in which you can start some quest (main, side or faction one). Red dots symbolize other locations. You will not unlock any quests there, but they might be related to quests started in other parts of the game world.

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