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Fallout 4 Game Guide & Walkthrough

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How to quickly obtain higher experience levels? Fallout 4 Guide

Finding new location will be awarded with few dozens of experience points - How to quickly obtain higher experience levels? - FAQ - Frequently asked questions - Fallout 4 Game Guide & Walkthrough
Finding new location will be awarded with few dozens of experience points

Experience points in Fallout 4 are gathered rather easily and you don't have to wait very long for your character to gain a new level. Despite that, it is wise to know few ways of improving this process, especially since even some of the beginning locations require you to have a strong character due to powerful enemies residing there.

  • Most of the experience points can be obtained by completing quests, both main and side ones. You will usually receive from 100 to 300 experience points for completing a quest. Of course, later in the game the amount of experience gained rises. Due to that, try to quickly complete few first main quests and the ones from the faction you have selected. Additionally, focus on side quests that doesn't force you to fight in hard battles or to go to dangerous places.
  • Experience points are given always when you discover a new location. You won't receive much experience for a single action like that, but since there are few hundred locations in the game, you can gather large numbers of experience points using that way. It is a good idea to discover locations when accompanied by Piper from Diamond City (after maximally developing your relation with her) as this will give you twice more experience for finding new locations.
  • You can also receive experience for using persuasion during conversations. If your character is charismatic enough, always pick special dialogue options. Also in this case you can receive experience bonus when traveling with Piper. Additionally, magazines can increase the number of experience points you receive for using persuasion.
  • Lockpicking and hacking into terminals are also a good way to frequently receive experience. You will receive small amounts of experience for a single use of that skill, but in the bigger picture you will collect quite some number of experience points.
  • Sadly, killing enemies and monsters isn't well rewarded in Fallout 4. Usually, for getting rid of an enemy you will receive from few to slightly more than a dozen of points. More requiring enemies can provide you with few dozens of points. Despite this limitation, you shouldn't ignore chances for participating in battle, unless a peaceful solution can provide you with more experience points.
  • After you start gathering more resources, start expanding your settlements. Each new object placed in the settlement provides you with few or more than ten of experience points. The same goes for crafting tables.

Important! If you want your character to focus on gathering as much experience as possible, then remember about developing your Intelligence.

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