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Fallout 4 Game Guide & Walkthrough by

Fallout 4 Game Guide & Walkthrough

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Starting tips Fallout 4 Guide

1. Thoroughly plan your character development. Think about what gameplay style you prefer and check all available perks. Later in the game it could be too late to change some decisions. If you don't have any idea how to develop your character, use one of our example builds.

2. Save your game frequently. You don't have to always remember about that, simply set the Pip-boy to automatically save the game every five minutes. This will allow you to avoid the frustrating necessity to repeat the same part of the game if you die.

3. Don't wait with distributing your skill points. Try to do it whenever you gain a new level. Even a single new skill can greatly strengthen your character.

4. Explore. Don't be afraid to walk off the main road. In Fallout 4 you will find great number of places which you can check and quests that you can complete. You will see only a small fragment of the game by completing only the main storyline.

5. Thoroughly search every place you find. Don't be afraid to collect all the items that have any value. If you cannot use them, leave them in one of the chests in your settlement or simply sell them.

6. Talk with the characters you meet. Most of them have something interesting to say. Some of them, even ones with no unique name, can give you a quest to complete.

7. Use few weapon types. The basic equipment that you will have should consist of a handgun, automatic rifle, sniper rifle and a melee weapon. Each of these weapons will be useful in different circumstances and many times will save your life.

8. Assign your favorite weapon, Stimpak, RadAway and food to keyboard shortcuts. During a critical point of the battle, when you will lose large amounts of health or you will run out of ammunition, you will be able to quickly help yourself.

9. Don't be afraid to use workshops. Despite the fact that you won't be able to fully use them at the beginning of the game, try to regularly upgrade your armor and weapon. Even small changes can make the game much easier.

10. Build yourself a house. The game allows you to build even few settlements to which you will be able to bring new citizens and where you can rest and upgrade your equipment. You should develop at least one settlement since the start of the game and change it into your main base of operations.

11. Use the V.A.T.S. system which is responsible for automatically selecting enemies' body parts at which you will aim. It is especially useful against small and quick opponents, such as bugs or dogs.

12. Don't be afraid to use mines or grenades. You will find them quite regularly and they can be very effective during battles, especially against large groups of opponents.

13. Actively use drugs and medicaments. Strengthening your character will be especially useful before harder battles. However, watch out, you can become addicted to these stimulants.

14. Collect magazines and guides. Each of them will give you a permanent bonus to specific statistics.

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