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Fallout 4 Game Guide & Walkthrough by

Fallout 4 Game Guide & Walkthrough

Table of Contents

Cheats Fallout 4 Guide

In this chapter you will find a list of cheats for Fallout 4. This section has been greatly developed in the game. Thanks to that, the number and variety of cheats is great. In order to use them, you must press the tilde ~ key and type in selected command. Some codes, such as "god mode", can be activated and then deactivated by typing the same command again. Most commands typed in the console will return a message that confirms the command is working. In further chapters you will find various cheats divided into categories.


In this chapter you will find cheats related to general gameplay. They mostly affect the protagonist, his abilities, resistance and level. The cheats can be deactivated at any point of the game by typing the same command again. Special commands that allow you to add new items to the inventory have been grouped in the next chapter.

tgm - "god mode". You receive no damage, you have unlimited ammunition and action points

tai - activates or deactivates the intelligence of all NPCs

tcai - activates or deactivates enemies' ability to fight

tcl - you can fly in the air and through walls

tmm 1 - shows all markers on the map

tfc - unlocks free camera mode

tm - activates/deactivates user interface

killall - kills all nearby enemies

setgs fJumpHeightMin [number] - changes how high the protagonist can jump

setscale [number from 1 to 10] - scales the height of the protagonist

player.setav speedmult [number] - increases/decreases character's movement speed

sexchange - changes the gender during the game

set timescale to [number] - speeds up or slows down the time. The default value is 16, 1 is real time

tdetect - you're undetectable for enemies

caqs - immediately completes the main storyline of the game

player.setlevel [number] - sets character level

player.modav [skill name] [number] - increases selected SPECIAL skill by the amount you typed

screenshot - a useful command which makes a screenshot of the game with removed console and all HUD elements

qqq - this command immediately closes the game (without saving)

sqt - shows active quests. Allows finding quest ID, useful when using the next commands

completequest [quest ID] - immediately completes selected quests. It can be helpful if you have a bugged quest

resetquest [quest ID] - starts the quest anew. Useful when you want to try a different ending


In this chapter you will learn how to obtain any item in the game - Cheats - Appendix - Fallout 4 Game Guide & Walkthrough

In this chapter you will learn how to obtain any item in the game. It is done by typing a single command where you enter ID of the item and its amount. The key thing is obtaining the right ID. To do it, you must have the window with selected item opened (in inventory or a chest) and the console activated. When both requirements are met, you must click the selected item and in the middle upper edge of the console ID of the item will appear. What can you do if you don't have the ID of an item and you don't have any way to check it? A special command will help you. It moves you to a special room inside which you will find all items available in the game placed in chests.

Below you will find two commands described above and further below you will find a list of IDs of most commonly used items:

player.additem [item ID] [number] - this command adds selected quantity of an item you have chosen to your inventory

coc qasmoke - this command moves the protagonist to a special room with all items available in the game (check the description above). In order to leave the location, you must know the "code" name of any other location (for example, coc Sanktuaryext). By using it you can leave this "sublocation" while having all items you've picked up.

Help [item name] - using this command you will find required item more easily. Typing any word, for example "wood", will find and list all items that have a "wood" phrase in its name. Item IDs will be shown as well, allowing you to use the player.additem command to add them to your equipment.

ID of basic items:

0000000F - Bottlecaps

0000000a - bobbypins

00023736 - Stimpak

00023742 - AntiRad

00075FE4 - Fusion Core

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