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Fallout 4 Game Guide & Walkthrough by

Fallout 4 Game Guide & Walkthrough

Table of Contents
Fallout 4 - World map: Quests
Fallout 4 - World map: Quests
The game begins in this location.
This is the home of the main character and we visit it at the beginning of the game. We can also set up the first base here.
This is the first large city visited as a part of the main storyline.
This is a large location visited in the early parts of the main storyline.
You will have your first contact with the Minutemen in this location and you can begin working for them here.
The vault is under the Park Street Station. You visit this location as a part of one of the early main quests (the search for the detective Valentine).
You can unlock access to the crypt and complete a few side quests.
This location becomes an important settlement for the Minutemen later in the game.
You visit this location later in the main storyline. You can also begin a couple of side quests and trade with other people.
This is one of the larger cities on the map.
You will have your first contact with the Brotherhood of Steel in this location and you can begin working for them here.
There's an HQ for the Railroad faction in the church's basement. You can begin working for this faction here.
The vault is under the Malden Middle School. You can explore it and complete its side quest.
You visit this place while looking for Virgil (main storyline). There's a very high radiation in this area.
Virgil is inside this cave and finding him is a part of one of the main storyline quests. There's a high radiation around the cave.
You visit this place while working for the Brotherhood of Steel.
You can unlock a side quest here which is tied to the occupants of the farm.
There are robots in this locations. You can start side quests here and you also visit this place while working for the Institute.
You visit the fort while completing the main storyline quests. That's when this locations becomes fully accessible.
The Institute's main base is under the C.I.T. Ruins. You can access this location only after you've advanced in the main storyline (building a teleporting device).
You can complete a number of quests in this locations. An optional side mission is also connected to a nearby USS Constitution ship.
There are several side quests tied to the Cabot family and you have to complete them in a specific order.
A significant number of the Brotherhood of Steel forces is stationed here. Later in the game the Brotherhood's airship Prydwen can also be found near the airport.
Several smaller quests are tied to the department store, as well as to a nearby parking and a hospital.
This town is being occupied by powerful enemies. Aside from the civilian homes you'll also find a police precinct and several factories here.
You visit the Andrew Station mostly when completing quests. There are other structures on the surface - homes, a police precinct, factories, a restaurant and a school.
This vault is occupied by a large group of shooters. The inside of the vault contains a lot of ammunition, weapons and medical supplies.
Barney Rook can be found in this location and he'll be friendly, however you can also encounter monsters while exploring the town. Aside from the houses there are also a convalescent home and a Museum of Witchcraft here.
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World map Fallout 4 Guide

Key points of Fallout 4 - World map: Quests

Important locations on the world map

In this chapter of the guide you will find maps related to the walkthrough for Fallout 4. These maps should be helpful in finding important locations in which you can start main or side quests.

Above you can see a world map with most important cities, villages, camps, vaults and quarters of four main factions marked on it. Many of these locations are inhabited only by characters that are friendly towards you, but in some of them you can find enemies as well. On the next pages of this chapter you will find maps of nine main sectors of the world map. They are more detailed, informing you where specifically you can start a quest.

Important - On the pages with walkthroughs for quests you will find references to maps from this chapter. For example, reference (M1,1) means that you must open the M1 map (Sanctuary) and find point number 1 on it (it's in the bracket next to the name of the location).

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