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Fallout 4 Game Guide & Walkthrough by

Fallout 4 Game Guide & Walkthrough

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Order Up (Drumlin Diner) Fallout 4 Guide

How to unlock: You must talk to Trudy or Wolfgang after arriving at Drumlin Diner (M1,6).

Quest objectives:

  • Talk to Trudy
  • Talk to Wolfgang

Meeting with Trudy

Trudy - Order Up (Drumlin Diner) - Side quests in other locations - Fallout 4 Game Guide & Walkthrough

When you'll arrive at the Drumlin Diner for the first time you will witness a heated argument between Trudy and Wolfgang. You can allow things to play out or you can interfere to influence the outcome.

You can start the quest by talking to Trudy or Wolfgang. If you've picked Trudy start off by listening to her version - you'll find out that Wolfgang is responsible for giving drugs to her son Patrick and that he thinks they owe him. You can:

  • Refuse to help her out
  • Agree to help her in getting rid of Wolfgang - you'll gave to fight Wolfgang and Simone
  • Agree to help her out for a price - You can keep choosing unique dialogue options if your Charisma is high enough. The maximum reward for helping Trudy is 200 bottlecaps.

Meeting with Wolfgang

Wolfgang - Order Up (Drumlin Diner) - Side quests in other locations - Fallout 4 Game Guide & Walkthrough

If you've picked Wolfgang you'll learn that Trudy owes him money. You can:

  • Attack Wolfgang - you'll have to kill both Wolfgang and Simone
  • Agree to join in his attack - a battle with Trudy and Patrick will commence
  • Agree to join him for a price - choose the unique dialogue options if your Charisma is high enough
  • Agree to help in resolving the situation in a peaceful way - It's the best way to end this quest. Go talk to Trudy and use Charisma to threaten her or to convince her to end things peacefully.
  • Ask Wolfgang to lower his gun, to give you all of his money and to leave - Each new dialogue option requires higher Charisma than the one before. If you're persuasive enough Wolfgang and Simone will leave. If you're not they will attack you straight away.

The quest will end no matter how you've acted, however if Wolfgang and Trudy survived you'll be able to trade with them from now on (Wolfgang sells chems, Trudy sells various goods).

Quest rewards: Experience points, bottlecaps, new traders (Wolfgang and Judy).

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