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God of War Ragnarok Guide by

God of War Ragnarok Guide

Table of Contents
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God of War Ragnarok: Interactive map God of War Ragnarok guide

We've prepered interactive map of all regions in God of War Ragnarok. We have marked Nornir Chests, Artefacts, Lore, Odin's Ravens, secret locations and optional activities. Explore all the realms to complete GoW Ragnarok in 100%.

Last update: Thursday, November 17, 2022

In God of War Ragnarok, you can visit various realms. On this page, you will find a summary of the interactive world maps available in our guide. You will learn about the realms available for exploration and their secrets, collectibles and additional activities. Explore all the realms carefully to complete God of War Ragnarok in 100 %.

List of interactive maps

High-quality interactive maps of realms from God of War Ragnarok can be found on separate pages of the guide - God of War Ragnarok: Interactive map - Interactive maps - God of War Ragnarok Guide
  1. Svartalfheim - This is an interactive map of the dwarven world you will visit after the prologue (Aurvangar Wetlands) and searching for the Draupnir Spear (Myrkr Tunnels). Important favors (The Weight of Chains, In Service of Asgard) and treasures on the water (including Yggdrasil's Dew) are available here.
  2. Alfheim - Here you will find an interactive map of all areas of the realm inhabited by Dark and Light Elves. We have marked important locations from the Temple of Light and optional desert areas (an important favor Secret of the Sands).
  3. Vanaheim - This is the largest interactive map, where you can visit, e.g. the Jungle, rivers and reservoirs, the northern and southern Wilds, or the Crater. We explain where to start important quests (Return of the River, Path of Destruction), where the drakes' lairs are, and how to complete Lunda's Lost Armour.
  4. Midgard - This land was available in the previous God of War, but now it is covered in snow and ice. Our map shows the Shores of Nine with frozen Lake of Nine and neighboring regions. You will also learn about Berserkers and King Hrolf.
  5. Niflheim - This interactive map shows this small icy realm. You will learn, e.g. where to open reward chests for eliminating Odin's Ravens, where the sparring arena is, and how to return to the areas explored as Atreus.
  6. Helheim - On this interactive map we have marked locations and secrets available in the land of the dead. We explain where to start exploring Helheim, where the Legendary Chests are in this world and where you fight Garm.
  7. Muspelheim - This interactive map depicts the realm of fire and lava. We have marked, among other things, the location of the Crucible with optional challenges, the lair of Queen Valkyrie Gna, and all the secrets and collectibles around the Surtr's Forge.
  8. Jotunheim - The land of giants with the least number of secrets and optional activities. On the map, we have shown the location of the flower-collectible and the Mystic Gateway adjacent to Angrboda's Treehouse.

High-quality interactive maps of realms from God of War Ragnarok can be found on separate pages of the guide. On the pages with maps, you will also find information on when you reach a particular realm and what unique features it has that can affect, for example, unlocking regions or reaching secrets and collectibles.

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