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Pillars Of Eternity 2 Deadfire Game Guide by

Pillars Of Eternity 2 Deadfire Game Guide

Table of Contents
PoE 2 Deadfire - Beast of Winter - M3 - Harbinger's Retreat
PoE 2 Deadfire - Beast of Winter - M3 - Harbinger's Retreat
Tip of the Iceberg.
Vatnir's Room.
Secret Chamber.
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Harbinger's Retreat - M3 | Maps in Pillars Of Eternity 2 - Beast of Winter DLC Pillars Of Eternity 2 Guide and Walkthrough

Key points of PoE 2 Deadfire - Beast of Winter - M3 - Harbinger's Retreat

Important areas on the map

Exits from locations

Locked doors or chests


Important NPC's (quest givers, traders etc.)

New potential team members

Dangerous enemies (bosses, elite monsters etc.)


Tip of the Iceberg.

Vatnir's Room.


Secret Chamber.

The map above represents Harbinger's Retreat available in Pillars of Eternity 2 Deadfire - Beast of Winter. Here, you can find the main Harbinger, Vatnir. Visiting this place is mandatory if you want to make progress in the expansion's plot.

Important places in Harbinger's Retreat

1. Tip of the Iceberg. This is where you start exploring this location. Harbinger Valbrendhur will speak to you during your first visit there. He can rent you a room (the basic one is for free) and sell supplies. Besides that, he also gives you Harbinger's Robe and Harbinger's Hood. In the upper right corner of the location you can find a hidden stash with a Permafrost shard (you need a character with high Perception to detect this stash). Next to it you can also find a chest with lager and oil.

2. Vatnir's Room. Inside the containers you can find a Potion of Major Healing, Adra eniach and Spices. A skull is on the right - after clicking on it you can examine it closer or put your fingers inside of it. Both options unlock access to the Secret Chamber (4) - this is where you will be able to find Vatnir at the end of An Honored Guest quest.

Also, two Immolator bombs can be found near the entrance to the secret room.

3. Sanctuary. Entering that place triggers a conversation with Vatnir. The dialog gets interrupted by noise coming from the outside - everyone in the Sanctuary will leave. This adds a new objective to An Honored Guest quest.

4. Secret Chamber. Inside it you can find potions and a Stone idol. This is where you will find Vatnir once you deal with The Messenger during An Honored Guest quest. You can add him to your party. Besides that, you can also receive Vatnir's icepicks that will help you reach Outcrop on High (M4). You can also kill Vatnir. However, you can get attacked by the entire village and lose access to numerous quests if you fail to convince Harbinger Hafjorn that you didn't kill Vatnir.

Quests that can be continued in Harbinger's Retreat

[Beast of Winter] An Honored Guest - go to Vatnir in Harbinger's Retreat (M3,3).

Quests that can be unlocked in Harbinger's Retreat

[Beast of Winter] The Rise and Decline - go to Vatnir in Harbinger's Retreat (M3,3) after you manage to defeat The Messenger.

Important NPCs in Harbinger's Retreat

Harbinger Valbrenhur (M3,1) - he can offer you a room (for free or for money - the second option gives you a bonus to Resolve and resistance to frost) or sell basic supplies.

Vatnir (M3,3) or (M3,4) - thanks to him you can continue An Honored Guest quest and receive The Rise and Decline. You can add him to your party after defeating The Messenger. Vatnir can use the following classes - Priest, Celebrant (Priest + Chanter) or Zealot (Priest + Rogue).

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