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Pillars Of Eternity 2 Deadfire Game Guide by

Pillars Of Eternity 2 Deadfire Game Guide

Table of Contents
PoE 2 Deadfire - Beast of Winter - M2 - Harbinger's Dwelling
PoE 2 Deadfire - Beast of Winter - M2 - Harbinger's Dwelling
Fishing Hole.
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Harbinger's Dwelling - M2 | Maps in Pillars Of Eternity 2 - Beast of Winter DLC Pillars Of Eternity 2 Guide and Walkthrough

Key points of PoE 2 Deadfire - Beast of Winter - M2 - Harbinger's Dwelling

Important areas on the map

Exits from locations

Locked doors or chests


Important NPC's (quest givers, traders etc.)

New potential team members

Dangerous enemies (bosses, elite monsters etc.)

Fishing Hole.


The map above represents Harbinger's Dwelling available in Pillars of Eternity 2 Deadfire - Beast of Winter. This building is located in Harbinger's Watch (M1) - here, you can find one character who can give you a quest. Also, the statues located inside of this building contain a few items.

Important places in Harbinger's Dwelling

1. Fishing Hole. Here, you can meet Harbinger Brythe - she wants to speak with you right after you enter this area. She wants you to do something with certain pilgrims - this is the beginning of The Higher-Ups quest. Also, the nearby containers have alcohol (Ekkevit) and other items (Salt, Maoro Coral, Water, Fish).

2. Room on the right. Inside the chest you can find a Purple Cape and a Vailian Hat.

3. Room on the left. The chest without any lock contains two books, the locked one (difficulty level of the lock: 10) contains Adra eniach. Another container can be found next to the locked chest - inside, you can find Coral snuff.

Quests that can be unlocked in Herald's Dwelling

[Quests] The Higher-Ups - speak with Harbinger Brythe (M2,1).

Important NPCs in Harbinger's Dwelling

Harbinger Brythe (M2,1) - she can give you The Higher-Ups quest.

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