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Lost Judgment Guide

Lost Judgment Guide

The big drama in Yokohama Lost Judgment guide & walkthrough contains Beginner's Guide and tips needed to complete game in 100%. It contains complete walkthrough of main quests and side cases and also location of all secrets.

Last update: 21 March 2022

This guide to Lost Judgment contains all the information necessary to understand the main gameplay elements, successfully complete all chapters and discover 100% of the content available in the game.

The first major section of the guide explains the game's basics, which mainly covers topics such as combat, world exploration, and in-game characters. Our guide also describes how to level up your character and includes lots of useful beginner's tips.

The pages on detective work describe chases, ways to successfully trail characters and how to search for evidence. This chapter also lists all the disguises available in the game.

In the FAQ section we answer the most important questions and issues related to the game. You will find out, among other things, if it's possible to turn off the tutorial, if Multiplayer is available and how to recover health quickly during chases.

The largest chapter of our guide is the walkthrough divided into main missions, side investigations, School Stories, and other available activities. You will learn about all of the mini-games and minor quests that appear in Lost Judgment.

The guide closes with an appendix, which provides information on the various editions of the game, available language versions and a detailed explanation of the game's controls. The trophies page will help you earn every achievement necessary to earn the platinum trophy. From this chapter, you will also learn how to update the game for next-gen consoles.

Lost Judgment: Quick beginner's tips

  1. Tracking - During a tracking mission, always keep a reasonable distance from the person you are spying on. When the target begins to suspect something, press Triangle/Y to make yourself look less suspicious;
  2. Exploring the city- you can look around the city in-between the missions. You can find numerous items and crafting components on the streets. Check out the stock of every store you encounter and visit the restaurants. Any meal you eat will recover your health points, while special dishes will give you additional benefits;
  3. Money and SP - you earn money and SP by completing the main storyline. The game also gives you many other opportunities to get rich. Side cases, street fights, and smaller tasks will reward you with extra cash and points;
  4. Fighting styles - during battles, you can change your combat style at will. Press down on the d-pad to change to Crane Style, Tiger Style or Snake Style.

More useful tips can be found on a separate page of this guide: Beginner's guide.

Lost Judgment: List of all chapters and walkthrough

The following pages of the Lost Judgment guide contain a walkthrough of all the chapters.

  1. Chapter 1: Black Sheep
  2. Chapter 2: Vicious Cycle
  3. Chapter 3: Two Sides of the Same Coin
  4. Chapter 4: Red Knife
  5. Chapter 5: Double Jeopardy
  6. Chapter 6: Converting Heat
  7. Chapter 7: Blindsided
  8. Chapter 8: Phantom of Ijincho
  9. Chapter 9: The Weight of Guilt
  10. Chapter 10: Catch a Tiger
  11. Chapter 11: Undercover
  12. Chapter 12: To Nourish a Viper
  13. Final Chapter: Darkest Before the Dawn

Lost Judgment: List of all side cases

The following pages of the Lost Judgment guide contain a walkthrough of all the Side Cases.

Side Cases

  1. Skateboard Detective vs. The Reseller
  2. The Falling Man
  3. Extracting the Past
  4. Dastardly Detective Introduction
  5. A New Partner
  6. The Cafe Robber
  7. Trying the Patience of a Saint
  8. Where is the Time Capsule
  9. Where the Kappa Roam
  10. The SRC's Hunt for the Truth
  11. The Invisible Burglar
  12. The Body Model Walks at Night!!!
  13. Dueling Dojos
  14. The Forbidden Taste
  15. Paradise VR Unlocked!
  16. Paradise VR Upgraded!
  17. Let the Drones Fly!
  18. Extracting the Truth
  19. The Chaos of the Masked Writer
  20. Flight of the Game Creator
  21. A Particularly Hardcore Demo Event
  22. Dastardly Detective: The Wandering Bug
  23. Dastardly Detective: Grasping Attention
  24. Dastardly Detective: Before the Torch Burns Out
  25. Dastardly Detective: The Eavesdropping Wallet
  26. Dastardly Detective: Target Seiryo High
  27. Dastardly Detective: From the Pit of Despair
  28. Dastardly Detective: The Secret Ingredient
  29. Dastardly Detective: The Final Night Flight
  30. Dastardly Detective: Closing the Case
  31. Squirrels Just Wanna Have Fun
  32. Big Squirrels Don't Cry
  33. Curse of the Amasawa Family Heirloom
  34. My First Errand
  35. Between Blood and Booze
  36. Big Shame Hunter
  37. Random Fandom
  38. Step by Step
  39. Broken Barriers
  40. We Mend, We Grow
  41. Takayuki Yagami: Evil Detective
  42. A Final Request Reprise

Lost Judgment: List of all School Stories

These pages of the guide to Lost Judgment contain a walkthrough of all the clubs related to the School Stories.

  1. Mystery Research Club
  2. Dance Club
  3. Robotics Club
  4. Boxing Club
  5. Biker Gang
  6. Photography Club
  7. Skaters
  8. eSports Club
  9. Casino
  10. Girl's Bar

Lost Judgment: FAQ - I have a problem and am looking for answers

The FAQ pages of this guide provide answers to the most common questions related to the game mechanics of Lost Judgment.

  1. Multiplayer - is it available in the game? - on this page, you will find out whether the game has multiplayer;
  2. Tutorial - can it be disabled? - on this page, you can find out if there is a way to disable the tutorial;
  3. Chase - how to recover health? - on this page, you will learn how to restore your character's health lost during a chase.

Lost Judgment: Language versions

In Lost Judgment, you can choose between a Japanese or English voice track. Just like the other games by Ryu Ga Gotoku studio, Lost Judgement only provides subtitles in a limited number of languages. You can read more about the subtitles available in Lost Judgment on a separate page of this guide - Language versions.

Lost Judgment: Free update for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S

The game's publisher has confirmed that when players purchase Lost Judgment on PS4 or Xbox One, they will receive a free update for next-gen consoles. You can read more about this on a separate page of the guide - Upgrading to PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

About Lost Judgment Guide

Author : Olga "Hippie" Fiszer for

Translator : Mateusz "Ictius" Sawka

Use the comments below to submit your updates and corrections to this guide.

Lost Judgment Video Game

  • genre: Action

  • developer: Ryu ga Gotoku Studio
  • publisher: SEGA
  • platform: PS4, XONE, PS5, XSX

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