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Hitman 3 Guide

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Hitman 3: Beginner's Guide & Tips Hitman 3 guide, walkthrough

On this page of the guide, you will find starting tips for Hitman 3. We have prepared various hints and tips for important game mechanics. Using our tips will allow you to make fewer mistakes and perform better in missions.

Play each mission on normal first

We do not recommend setting the highest difficulty level right away, because each of the maps/missions is very extensive. Navigating unknown locations is much more difficult, as you will not know what dangers await Agent 47 and what are the best ways to catch the mission's target/targets.

Increasing the level of challenge is recommended only after you have completed the episode at least a few times. This will allow you to learn the location of enemies, traps, and security cameras, see where you can find important rooms and passages, and which route is best to reach the mission's target.

Save the game frequently to avoid problems

It is very easy to make a mistake in Hitman 3, for example, Agent 47 gets noticed by a person/camera in a restricted area or is performing a prohibited action (attacks another person, moves a body, etc.). This can raise an alarm and make the main character wanted by the security.

Remember to use more than one save slot. We advise you to create separate manual saves at important moments of the mission, for example, when you are infiltrating a restricted area or just before attacking the target. This can also help you reduce the time you would spend on doing various challenges, such as eliminating mission targets in different ways. By preparing a save, you, for example, will not have to start a mission from the beginning just to get to a restricted area.

Carefully study all newly visited maps

Hitman 3, just like the previous games, offers gigantic maps – their careful exploration is the key to success. Every time you start a new episode, we recommend spending even a few hours on the map to get to know it as best you can. This knowledge will be very useful during all subsequent approaches to this map/mission.

When exploring maps, pay extra attention to the fact that they are multi-level. Some places can be reached more easily, for example, using a ladder, scaffolding, cornice, or a drainpipe. In addition, try to locate the various entrances to the restricted areas, and try to memorize where you can find disguises, quest items, or rooms with surveillance tapes.

Try to complete as many challenges as possible

Each location in the game offers at least a few dozen challenges and the main motivation for passing them is that each challenge rewards you with experience points. The amount of XP received depends on the level of complexity and difficulty of the challenge. However, you should not ignore any of them. Remember to complete those that offer less XP – the majority of them is easy.

By doing challenges, you level up the location mastery, and this is just as important as in the previous parts of the series. The next mastery levels will allow, e.g. unlock better starting locations, or unique weapons and gadgets. These rewards may come in handy when you are replaying the same or different missions.

Aim to complete missions without starting any fights

In Hitman 3, you should try to pass missions without fighting and triggering alarms. Starting a direct confrontation with opponents is possible, but there are no benefits associated with this. You can, however, get into serious trouble - opponents can easily defeat Agent 47 or call for reinforcements. In addition, starting a fight can significantly lower the mission score (in extreme cases, it may even be a negative score).

The game provides many opportunities for completing missions quietly - you can follow opponents, distract them, use non-lethal gadgets and weapons with silencers, hide the bodies of eliminated people, wear various disguises to get access to new locations, or blend into the crowd.

Do not forget about sabotaging surveillance tapes

This isn't mandatory whenever you play a given mission. However, you shouldn't skip it if Agent 47 was caught on one of the security cameras. Leaving evidence of your presence will give you a worse score. The location of a security room is different on each map – our solution will help you locate them.

You can avoid security cameras from a safe distance so you won't be in their range. The game also allows you to sabotage or destroy the cameras temporarily, although this may alert the guards.

Avoid unnecessary killings - the mission's target is the most important

You should approach each mission in Hitman 3 as "professionally" as possible, i.e. limit yourself to killing only the target/targets of the mission. You don't need to do this to succeed, although killing civilians will negatively affect the score and rank obtained after completing a mission.

You can deal with NPCs in several different ways - sneak past them, distract, use disguises, or blend in. If you plan to eliminate someone, try to always stun them. When hiding a body, do not throw them down precipices or other such places – this will kill an unconscious person.

Remember to take the right equipment for a mission

Prepare yourself for each mission accordingly, even when you are replaying it. Everything depends on what you want to achieve in a given playthrough. For example, if you are going to shoot a target from a long distance, remember to take a sniper rifle. If you want to break in somewhere, take a lockpick, and if you want to poison someone, it is best to take poison with you – you won't waste time looking for poison on the map.

Agent 47 can take a limited number of weapons and items on a mission. You can deal with this problem by smuggling equipment into the Agency's stashes located in different parts of the map. Your inventory during a mission is unlimited – you can collect everything you want (except for large weapons).

Instinct allows you to scan your surroundings and is unlimited

This is a mechanic that you should know perfectly well from the previous Hitman games. Instinct is a manually activated vision mode that "scans" the environment. It has many uses, like marking enemies and interactive objects - those you can take with you and those you can use.

Instinct is unlimited, so use it whenever you enter a new area or while sneaking. This will reduce the risk of missing some important quest item or an opponent.

Use the camera to hack devices remotely

The portable camera is one of the most important new gadgets in Hitman 3. It has several uses. Its more obvious purpose is to take pictures, and this may be related to the main or optional objectives of some missions. However, you can also use the camera to hack into selected devices from a distance. This can make it much easier for you to stay hidden.

You can use hacking, for example, to disarm electronic locks from a distance. It can also be an interesting technique to distract opponents, who will be surprised by a device that was activated suddenly. As with many other Agent 47's gadgets, it's worth experimenting a lot with enemies and environmental elements to discover other uses for the camera.

Look for shortcuts and unlock them

One of the most interesting new features of Hitman 3 is the ability to unlock shortcuts that can be used later in the game. A shortcut can be, for example, a ladder, which, when lowered, makes it easier to get to a higher shelf or the roof of a building.

An important feature of shortcuts is that once unlocked, they remain available throughout all the playthroughs of that mission. This is very useful when you are replaying a stage - Agent 47 will be able to reach the mission objectives faster or, for example, it will be easier to avoid guarded passages. We recommend that you try to find and unlock as many shortcuts as possible when exploring each new map for the first time.

You don't always have to use the same exit

Hitman 3, like the previous parts of the trilogy, allows you to choose where you want to leave the mission after eliminating the target(s) (and completing other mandatory tasks if there are any). In most situations, choose the one located the closest Agent 47. This will reduce the risk of encountering opponents or other problems during the escape.

Do not ignore the alternate exits, although you need to be aware that some of them may have additional requirements (e.g. get the keys to the vehicle). However, some of them can be associated with a challenge or trophy.

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