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Hitman 3 Guide

Hitman 3 Guide

Silent Killer Hitman 3 guide contains tips and hints, as well as a complete walkthrough and beginner's guide. Tips concern things like stealth, combat, weapons, exploration of the map. A guide to system requirements, controls/keybinds and trophies.

Last update: Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Our Hitman 3 guide will help you finish the last part of the trilogy focused on Agent 47. We have included information and tips for both novice players and for veterans of the series who have played the previous parts of the Hitman series. We also describe the basics of stealth, avoiding or eliminating opponents silently, map exploration, and unlocking mastery. In the FAQ section, you will find out, e.g. how to remove surveillance footage, how to poison opponents, how to dispose of bodies, and how to unlock the best weapons and gadgets.

The Hitman 3 walkthrough is the biggest of the chapters – it also works as a world atlas. Each of the main locations - story missions have been described in great detail. The walkthrough contains high-quality maps of the main locations. We have marked on them, e.g. mission objectives, important locations (e.g. security rooms), the best disguises, and other unique items. It also includes all mission stories and optional ways of eliminating targets. This knowledge will help you to complete each location in 100% and reach the highest level of its mastery.

Here you will find a trophy guide, which describes in detail all the achievements available in the game. You will learn how to unlock trophies associated with each episode. The guide also includes information about the controls, system requirements, and how much it takes to finish Hitman 3.

Hitman 3: Beginner's guide

Below are some quick tips for players starting their adventure with Hitman 3. We pay attention to elements that will make completing missions and avoiding detection easier for you. For more tips, see the Starting tips section.

  1. Save the game as often as possible and be sure to use several different slots. You won't have to restart the mission when Agent 47 gets detected prematurely or when you make a mistake in eliminating the target.
  2. Explore each new map carefully. The locations in Hitman 3 are very extensive and multi-level. Don't focus on reaching the target of the mission right away. Instead, you should try to examine the surroundings - look for good entrances to restricted areas, places where you can find a disguise, monitoring rooms, or get to know the "daily routine" of the target.
  3. Do the available challenges whenever you can. Each challenge is rewarded with experience points that will allow you to gain a new mastery level. These levels give you unique rewards - new weapons and gadgets or new starting points when replaying a mission.
  4. Avoid fights. Agent 47 can eliminate enemies in open conflict, but raising the alarm always leads to unnecessary trouble. This also lowers the mission score. Try to complete each level by remaining hidden. Focus on stealth, reconnaissance, distract enemies, and use disguises.
  5. Do not forget to visit the monitoring rooms. Do that whenever you get spotted and recorded by a security camera. Removing the security tapes and evidence of Agent 47's presence will give you a higher score.
  6. Try not to kill anyone besides the target. This is especially important if you plan to get the Silent Assassin rank. Stun everyone else while remaining unnoticed, and remember to hide their bodies.
  7. Match gadgets and weapons to the goals and objectives of the mission. For example, if reaching your destination is behind a locked door, equip Agent 47 with a lockpick or electronic hacking device. As for electronic locks, you should also look for access cards – they can be found lying somewhere or looted from a security officer's body.
  8. Scan every newly examined area. In Hitman 3, as in the previous parts, you can use the instinct to scan the environment. This will help you to locate opponents, loot, and interactive spots. The instinct is unlimited.
  9. You can use different exits in missions. In most situations, it is best to choose the easiest exit available or the one closest to the place where you have eliminated the target. Keep in mind, however, that there may be challenges associated with using secret exits.

Hitman 3: All main missions and locations

Hitman 3 doesn't focus on a large number of missions/locations. There are a total of 6 maps. Each location has a separate subsection in our guide.

On Top of the World - Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  1. Map of Dubai and mission information
  2. Map of Dubai - how to unlock?
  3. Assassinating Carl Ingram
  4. Assassinating Marcus Stuyvesant
  5. Poison - how to get it?
  6. Best disguises
  7. Burj Al-Ghazali cameras - how to turn them off?
  8. How The Mighty Fall - mission story
  9. Bird Of Prey - mission story
  10. (In)Security - mission story
  11. Map of Dubai - how to leave?
  12. Electronic windows - list

Death in the Family - Dartmoor, England

  1. Map of Dartmoor and mission information
  2. Assassinating Alexa Carlisle
  3. Getting the Arthur Edwards case files
  4. Poison - where to get it?
  5. The puzzle with the hidden safe
  6. Secret rooms - how to open them?
  7. Best disguises
  8. Means, Motive and Opportunity - mission story
  9. A Day to Remember - mission story
  10. Her Final Resting Place - mission story
  11. Dartmoor map - how to leave?
  12. Camera scanning locations

Apex Predator - Berlin, Germany

  1. Map of Berlin and mission information
  2. How to unlock the map of Berlin and eliminate Agent Price?
  3. Map of Berlin - ways of leaving the mission zone
  4. Surveillance cameras - where to sabotage it?
  5. Hirschmuller's safe - how to open?
  6. Holle Club - how to get inside?
  7. Radio tower - how to unlock?
  8. Secret exit - how to unlock?
  9. Poison - how to get it?
  10. Best disguises
  11. Killing Agent Rhodes
  12. Killing Agent Swan
  13. Killing Agent Banner
  14. Killing Agent Tremaine
  15. Killing Agent Green
  16. Killing Agent Thames
  17. Killing Agent Chamberlin
  18. Killing Agent Montgomery
  19. Killing Agent Lowenthal
  20. Killing Agent Davenport
  21. ICA Agents - other unique kills

End Of An Era - Chongqing, China

  1. Map of Chongqing and mission information
  2. Data Core - how to hack it?
  3. Surveillance cameras - where to sabotage it?
  4. Camera - where and how to use it?
  5. Poison - how to get it?
  6. Best disguises
  7. Certainty Principle - mission story
  8. Impulse Control - mission story
  9. All-Seeing Eyes - mission story
  10. Killing Hush
  11. Eliminating Imogen Royce

The Farewell - Mendoza, Argentina

  1. Map of Mendoza and mission information
  2. Mendoza map - how to leave?
  3. Surveillance cameras - where to sabotage it?
  4. Where to scan the QR codes?
  5. How to open the safe in the basement?
  6. How to disable the Laser grid?
  7. Poison - how to get it?
  8. Best disguises
  9. Eyes on Target - story mission
  10. Over the Top - story mission
  11. The Tour - story mission
  12. Closing Statement - story mission
  13. Meeting Diana Burnwood
  14. Killing Don Yates
  15. The assassination of Tamara Vidal

Untouchable - Carpathian Mountains, Romania

  1. Map of the Carpathian Mountains and mission information
  2. Secret ending - how to unlock?
  3. Best disguises
  4. Eliminating Arthur Edwards

Hitman 3: Endings

The Hitman 3 game has two different endings. You choose the ending in the final part of the last sixth mission of the campaign. Both endings are described in detail on separate pages of our guide.

  1. Main ending - It unlocks regardless of how you deal with the final boss.
  2. Alternative/Secret Ending - This requires you to act in a specific way during the final confrontation.

Hitman 3: Guide

The gameplay in Hitman 3 is similar to the previous parts of the series. Our guide discusses the most important elements. Thanks to them traversing the maps and eliminating the objectives unnoticed will be much easier.

  1. Stealth - This page has tips on how to sneak, how to eliminate people quietly and where to hide their bodies, how to avoid triggering alarms and what to do when Agent 47 is spotted by a camera.
  2. Exploration – This page has information about the division into public and restricted zones, how to unlock alternative passages, and how to find interactive objects and devices.
  3. Mastery – This page explains the general rules of leveling up a mastery on each map. You will also find out what you get by gaining new levels and which challenges are the best to level up fast.
  4. Choosing a difficulty level - On this page, you will find a summary of the available difficulty levels along with the main differences between them.
  5. Multiplayer/Online mode – Read this page to find out whether Hitman 3 has multiplayer modes. You will also learn if you have to be online to play Hitman 3.
  6. Camera and photo mode - On this page, you will find information on how to take pictures in Hitman 3 and the main uses for the camera (it may change depending on the mission).
  7. Hitman VR - We included information on which virtual reality goggles are supported in Hitman 3 and which stages can be played in VR mode.
  8. Codes for safes and locks - This page lists various combinations and codes for safes and electronic locks. They allow you to get various quest items, secrets and finds.

Hitman 3: FAQ

Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions related to exploration, staying hidden, and eliminating mission targets in Hitman 3.

  1. Monitoring - how to disable? - Knowing this crucial, especially when Agent 47 gets caught on one of the security cameras. Finding the surveillance room and sabotaging the footage allows you to get rid of the evidence.
  2. Opponents - how to poison them? - In Hitman 3, there are many ways to poison your opponents. Agent 47 can use poison (lethal or non-lethal). However, some of the special assassinations may require poisoning the target.
  3. Bodies - how to get rid of them? - Here you will find information on how to dispose bodies. This is very important – ignoring it can trigger an alarm or lower the mission score.
  4. Sniper rifle - how to take it on a mission? - Read this page to learn how to take a sniper rifle with you on a mission or deliver it to one of the stashes. You will also learn how to unlock a sniper rifle with a silencer.
  5. Lock - how to open it? - Agent 47 may encounter closed doors and containers. Here we explain how to use lockpicks and devices for opening electronic locks and whether there are any alternative methods of unlocking passages.
  6. Disguise - how to change it? - Here you will find an explanation of how to start a mission wearing a disguise, as well as how to get new disguises during a mission.
  7. Shortcuts - how to unlock? - We described how unlocking shortcuts, a new mechanic introduced in Hitman 3, works and how to use it to make the game easier.
  8. Saving the game - how? - We explain how manual and automatic saves are created. You will also find out under when the saving can be restricted or blocked completely.
  9. Mastery level rewards - which ones? - We have compiled a list of the most useful items to gain in Mastery missions. These include a sniper rifle, poison, and a lockpick.

Hitman 3: Platinum trophy

Hitman 3 is the first game in the World of Assassination trilogy to have a platinum trophy (in Hitman 1 and Hitman 2, you could only unlock 100% of achievements but there was no option to get the platinum). The basic set of achievements in Hitman 3 consists of 48 trophies (1 platinum, 1 gold, 16 silver, 30 bronze).

In addition, there are also three additional sets of trophies related to the two previous parts of the series and their expansions. You can go through the old missions again in Hitman 3 (by importing or purchasing them). There are a total of 84 trophies (when counting the content of Hitman 3, Hitman 1 and Hitman 2). We have described all the trophies in great detail in our trophy guide. We have described the more difficult achievements on separate pages:

  1. Family Feud Trophy
  2. Bird Art Trophy
  3. Last Call Trophy
  4. Ripe for the Picking Trophy
  5. Keep Your Eyes Peeled Trophy
  6. Bullet Train Trophy

Hitman 3: PC system requirements

  1. Processor: Intel Core i5-2500K 3.3 GHz / AMD Phenom II X4 940
  2. RAM: 8 GB
  3. Graphics card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 / Radeon HD 7870
  4. DirectX: 12
  5. Disk space: 80 GB
  6. Operating system: Windows 10 64-bits

Check out the System requirements page to learn more information on Hitman 3 recommended system requirements, ray tracing support, and the amount of disk space taken after installing Hitman and Hitman 2 maps.

Hitman 3: Transferring Progress from Hitman 2

In Hitman 3, you can import player profiles and mission maps from Hitman 1 and Hitman 2. These are quite complicated processes, and for this reason, we have described them step by step on separate pages of our guide:

  1. Transferring progress to Hitman 3 - This is about transferring the player profile such as experience level, completed challenges, and unlocked items.
  2. Importing previous locations to Hitman 3 - We explain how to play missions that in places known from Hitman 1 and Hitman 2 in Hitman 3.

Hitman 3: Platforms – which ones can run the game?

Hitman 3 will be released on the following platforms:

  1. PC
  2. PS4
  3. PS5
  4. Xbox One
  5. Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X

Additional information:

  1. The PC version will be exclusive to Epic Games Store for 1 year. This means that Hitman 3 is the EGS exclusive until January 2022. After that, the game will eventually appear on Steam and other stores.
  2. The developers also plan to release Hitman 3 for the Nintendo Switch. However, the Switch version will be released at a later date. The Nintendo Switch version will use a cloud server meaning that the players will need to have a fast and stable internet connection.
  3. Hitman 3 is also available on the Google Stadia streaming platform (along with the other two parts of the series). This version will be released on the same day as the other versions.

About Hitman 3 Guide

Author : Jacek "Stranger" Halas & Lukasz "Qwert" Telesinski for

Translator : Mateusz "Ictius" Sawka

Use the comments below to submit your updates and corrections to this guide.

Hitman 3 Video Game

  • genre: Action

  • developer: IO Interactive
  • publisher: IO Interactive
  • platform: PC, PS4, XONE, Switch, PS5, XSX

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