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The Division 2 Guide by

The Division 2 Guide

Table of Contents

Solo build in Division 2 The Division 2 guide, tips

A build focused on solo gameplay in Tom Clancy's The Division 2 is probably the most popular choice at the moment. The character built in this way works well in solo games and will also manage in a party in Dark Zones, as well as in the PvP modes. In this chapter you will find all the necessary information to build your character for solo gameplay.

Solo build

When building character for a solo game, you need to take two things into consideration - high damage rate, as well as sufficient enough durability and/or the ability to restore lost health and armor points. In order to achieve this, you should focus on:

  1. +% Damage to Elites attribute. Elite enemies will be the only ones that will be dangerous to you during solo play. Those opponents have a yellow health bar.
  2. Increased damage dealt. Here you should focus mainly on the increase in damage for your currently used weapon, Critical Hit Chance and Critical Hit Damage attributes.
  3. Regenerating lost armor points. That can be done either through specific stats of items (like, for instance, the Badger Tuff brand set) or special abilities (described in the "Which skills are the best for healing?" chapter of this guide).

You should choose items based on the three characteristics mentioned above - it will allow for a smooth single-player experience and quick elimination of enemies, while giving you the possibility to keep your character alive. This build will also be very effective while playing in a party.

Active abilities

When playing solo, you should select the following abilities:

  1. The Turret as the first ability. The Turret skill is extremely effective at drawing the enemy's attention off your character, it also allows you to deal some additional damage. Interestingly, the Turret is also very resistant to enemy fire. You can use the default version of the turret, or the upgrade changing it into a flamethrower - the second variant allows the turret to set the enemies on fire, applying a crowd control effect.
  2. A healing ability as the second one. Here you can use various abilities - it can either be the Chem Launcher with the Reinforcer upgrade, the Hive with the Restorer (default) upgrade or the Drone with the Fixer upgrade. Detailed description of each one of them can be found in the "Which skills are the best for healing?" chapter of this guide).

The second ability can also be replaced with the Reviver upgrade of the Hive skill. It does not offer any healing - instead, it will automatically bring your character back to life once it is incapacitated by the enemy. This is extremely important during some of the activities, like, for instance, Bounties, where the death of the player might end the entire mission.


Proper selection of equipment is also crucial here. While selecting gear, you should be looking for the following items:

  1. A Light Machine Gun (LMG) as the main weapon. Weapons from that category deal high damage, they have large clips and allow the player to take out multiple enemies before it will be necessary to reload. They are effective at short and mid ranges.
  2. A Rifle or a Marksman Rifle as the secondary weapon. Both of those weapons are effective at eliminating enemies from a long distance.
  3. The Douglas & Harding brand set. All three items from this set allow you to acquire +5% Accuracy, +10% Critical Hit Damage and +7% Critical Chance. There is no better brand set for a solo character in the game at the moment.
  4. Two elements of the Badger Tuff brand set. Thanks to them you will increase the damage dealt against elite enemies by 7% and killing an enemy will restore 15% of your maximum armor, allowing you to heal the character while doing damage.
  5. Gloves with the Clutch talent. They make critical hits restore 15% health and 2% armor of your character.

Such a selection of items will allow your character to deal huge damage, while still giving you the opportunity to restore lost health and/or armor by attacking and killing enemies.


When it comes to specialization, the Demolitionist is best suited for solo game. This specialization has passive abilities allowing you to increase damage done by LMGs - which you will probably be using - and the grenade launcher is extremely effective against clusters of enemies, allows one to shoot multiple grenades in succession and does not require constant and long reloads.

How to play + tips

To sum up, here is a handful of tips on how to play using this build:

  1. Remember that there is no one to resurrect you. Once you are down on the battlefield, you will need to respawn at the nearest point - and, in some cases, like the Convoy activities, you will not have a chance to replay it. This problem can be resolved by using the Hive ability with the Reviver upgrade.
  2. You should equip yourself with the entire Douglas & Harding brand set, as well as at least two pieces of Badger Tuff. This will significantly increase the damage dealt by the character and will allow you to easily heal yourself.
  3. While playing solo, you SHOULD use the Turret ability. This is one of the best abilities in the game at the moment and without a doubt a must-have when playing alone.
  4. Do not limit yourself to LMGs only. Assault Rifles are very effective on mid and long ranges; SMGs in turn are especially useful in close combat. You should always try to balance your firearms - to be able to effectively fight against enemies at every distance.
  5. Do not rush in between multiple enemies. Doing so will quickly kill your character. It is better to eliminate at least some of the enemies from a safe distance, with, for instance, a marksman rifle.
  6. Monitor the battlefield at all times. The enemies will be throwing grenades at your position and will try to flank you. You should always be on guard and be ready to move between various covers.
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