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The Division 2 Guide

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Armor perks | Equipment in The Division 2 The Division 2 guide, tips

Similarly, to the weapon perks, armor elements can also be equipped with perks. Aside from increasing the default statistics of the given item, some of the talents offer a bonus that cannot be attained in any other way, and which can give a good increase to the effectiveness of the character, or make the given build work. This chapter contains a list of all armor perks available in The Division 2.

Below you can find all available armor perks found in The Division 2.




+10% damage for each 10% of missing armor.


+20% Skill Duration.


Killing an enemy through a headshot gives you invulnerability to negative statuses for 10 seconds.


When the armor is depleted, enemy abilities won't be able to track you.

Creeping Death

Negative statuses are dealt to nearby enemies in the radius of 10 meters. The effect is activated once for 15 seconds.


+20% Explosive Damage.


Headshots landed when staying behind cover renew 5% of your armor.


Changing the weapon for the secondary one in 3 seconds after killing an opponent refills the clip of that weapon and gives +20% of additional damage for the whole clip.

Hard Hitting

+15% Damage to Elites.


+10% to Armor.


+10% Hazard Protection.

Mad Bomber

Increases the range of grenades by 150%. If the grenade kills its target, it will be renewed.


Destroying enemy armor gives +25% of critical damage for 5 seconds.

On the Ropes

+25 Weapon Damage when all skills are renewing or their charges are depleted.


When the character is behind cover for at least 3 seconds, he renews 5% of his armor every 1 second.


+10% health points for killing an enemy.


Killing an enemy gives a 150% bonus to repair and healing for 20 seconds.

Self Adjusting

+20% Armor Regeneration.


Killing an enemy using an ability gives a 35% chance of resetting the renew time of all abilities.


+10% damage against enemies marked by Pulse.


+10% Skill Haste.


Destroying enemy armor gives the character +35% damage from abilities for 15 seconds.

To Order

Enables the player to "cook" grenades by holding the throw button, making them explode faster, giving the enemy less time to react.


Renews 25% armor when armor is depleted. Armor Kits used in the next 5 seconds are not used.

Unstoppable Force

Killing an enemy gives +2% of weapon damage for every 10,000 armor points. The effect stacks up to 20 times.


+20% health points.

Note - the armor perks described above were prepared based on the Beta version. After the release, the list will be updated.

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