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The Division 2 Guide

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Crafting in The Division 2 The Division 2 guide, tips

Crafting plays a very important role in The Division 2, enabling you to create items on your own, without grinding and searching for a useful weapon. This chapter will introduce you to crafting and show you the ways of getting the required resources.

How to unlock crafting?

To unlock crafting, you need to recruit Inaya al-Khaliq. - Crafting in The Division 2 - Gameplay basics - The Division 2 Guide
To unlock crafting, you need to recruit Inaya al-Khaliq.

At the beginning of the game, you don't have access to a Crafting Station. To unlock it, you need to complete the second mission (Grand Washington Hotel) and visit the Theatre (part of the plot). There, you'll be able to recruit a person responsible for crafting - Inaya al-Khaliq. You'll find her at the main floor of the settlement - the map contains a marker that will lead you to the character once you click on it. All of these actions are a part of the main plot - you cannot skip them.

Approach the woman and interact with her. She'll be recruited after a short conversation - you can find her during your next visit to the White House.

How to craft items?

Crafting screen. - Crafting in The Division 2 - Gameplay basics - The Division 2 Guide
Crafting screen.

To begin crafting, visit the Base of Operations in the White House. When you've reached the location, open the map and find the marker responsible for crafting and travel to it. The crafting station is on the lower level of the White House. Interact with it to activate the crafting system.

You'll receive access to a new window that shows the level of the crafting station (dependent on your level) and 8 categories of items:

  1. Weapon
  2. Mods / Misc
  3. Mask
  4. Chest
  5. Backpack
  6. Gloves
  7. Holster
  8. Kneepads

To create an item, enter one of the eight categories, choose the item you wish to craft and accept your choice for the item to appear in your equipment after a few seconds. Remember that you need to have the right amount of materials to create an item.

How to acquire crafting materials?

Item crafting requires materials, so knowing how to get them will be useful. You can get crafting materials through:

  1. Completing tasks. This mainly involves side missions and events encountered on the world map. For each completed task, you'll receive experience points, money, items, or a rare crafting material.
  2. Dismantling items. This is the simplest and most effective way of acquiring crafting materials. Every dismantled item will give you a certain amount of resources - their quality depends on the quality of the item. The items find their way to your equipment very fast, and you can dismantle them anywhere - do it if you're currently out of credits.
  3. Gathering them from chests found across the map. In the Division 2, the authors have placed even more emphasis on exploration, placing thousands of containers, chests, and suitcases containing crafting materials. Sometimes, it is recommended to leave the path you're currently on and visit a side alley, as it may contain useful items.
  4. Gathering them from special zones on the map. Zones are nothing more than abandoned garages or shops - inside such buildings, you'll find up to a few containers containing a given type of materials. Moreover, if you clear such a location, its location will appear on the map and you'll be able to revisit it, later on, to get the resources again.
  5. Gathering materials from chests in Control Points. Control Points are locations that can be captured for your faction. When you do so, each of the captured locations has a Supply Room that contains chests with items as well as crafting resources. Such locations should be visited every few hours, as the regenerate and you can get resources from them again.

Upgrading the crafting station

At the beginning of the game, the crafting table "levels up" along with the player - its level will be equal to the level of the character. At the end of the storyline, near level 30, the player is given the opportunity to upgrade it - the option will appear on the crafting screen, in the bottom left corner of the screen, along with the materials needed for the process. Once you complete the upgrade, you will be able to craft items of better quality.

The crafting table can be upgraded numerous times - twice before you reach level 30 and the Black Tusk faction appears on the map and several more times once you advance to higher World Tiers. You should upgrade it regularly if you want to be able to craft the most powerful items.

Crafting tips

Finally, here are a few tips that can make crafting items easier:

  1. If you have the chance, visit side alleys and underground pathways. These locations often contain chests with equipment or crafting materials.
  2. If you are flush with money, always dismantle items for crafting materials. This way, you'll be able to get a lot of these materials.
  3. Create useful items only. This mainly involves the early game. There is no reason to create an item for level 10 by spending all your materials if, after a few hours, you'll level up, and get access to much better equipment.
  4. Weapon mods can be used more than once. You don't need to create more items of such type, but remember that weapons have limitations, and aside from bonuses, they also place penalties.
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