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Outriders Guide

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Outriders: Pyromancer - Skills Outriders guide, walkthrough

On this page of the Outriders game guide you will find a detailed description of all the skills of the Pyromancer.

The Pyromancer is one of the four character classes available in Outriders. They are a medium-range character, which means that during the game you will stay in closer proximity to your opponents than classes such as the Technomancer, but not as close as the Devastator. The Pyromancer acts as a damage dealer and has an assortment of 8 unique skills that can be swapped at any moment during gameplay, depending on your preferred build.

Class traits

  1. An additional 10% of Anomaly Power;
  2. Skills Mark targets for 15 seconds. Killing Marked targets heals the character by 24% of their maximum Health;
  3. Skill Life Leech increased by 5%.

Melee skill

The Pyromancer's basic melee attacks deal Fire damage and apply a Burn effect to the target, causing them to slowly lose Health over time.

Healing mechanic

ThePyromancer regains Health by killing Marked enemies, which encourages a rather aggressive playstyle and making full use of their available skills.

All skills

Heatwave - Outriders: Pyromancer - Skills - Pyromancer - Outriders Guide


Level: 1;

Interrupt: no;

Recharge: 13 seconds;

Effect: summons a wave of fire that deals damage and Burns all enemies in its path.

Feed the Flames - Outriders: Pyromancer - Skills - Pyromancer - Outriders Guide

Feed the Flames

Level: 3;

Interrupt: no;

Recharge: 12 seconds;

Effect: select an enemy and pull them towards you, dealing damage, draining their Health and applying the Ash effect.

Thermal Bomb - Outriders: Pyromancer - Skills - Pyromancer - Outriders Guide

Thermal Bomb

Level: 4

Interrupt: yes

Recharge: 14 seconds;

Effect: inflicts Burn, Interrupts skill casts and deals damage to a selected enemy. If you kill the opponent affected by this ability, the target will explode and deal damage in a large radius.

Overheat - Outriders: Pyromancer - Skills - Pyromancer - Outriders Guide


Level: 6;

Interrupt: yes;

Recharge: 22 seconds;

Effect: deal minor damage to all enemies within the area of effect of this ability (large radius) and Interrupt their skill casts.

Enemies affected by Burn take additional damage, but it ends the status effect.

Volcanic Round - Outriders: Pyromancer - Skills - Pyromancer - Outriders Guide

Volcanic Round

Level: 9;

Interrupt: no;

Recharge: 23 seconds;

Effect: fills the weapon's magazine with Anomaly-infused bullets that inflict Burn over a small area and pierce through targets, injuring the enemies behind them.

The skill lasts until you reload or change weapons.

Ash Blast - Outriders: Pyromancer - Skills - Pyromancer - Outriders Guide

Ash Blast

Level: 13;

Interrupt: no;

Recharge: 20 seconds;

Effect: creates an Anomaly blast that applies the Ash status effect to all enemies around the character in a large radius.

F - Outriders: Pyromancer - Skills - Pyromancer - Outriders Guide

F.A.S.E.R Beam

Level: 17;

Interrupt: yes;

Recharge: 10 seconds;

Effect: fires a beam of energy that deals damage, inflicts Burn and Interrupts the skill casts of enemies hit by the beam, as well as a small area around the character.

Eruption - Outriders: Pyromancer - Skills - Pyromancer - Outriders Guide


Level: 22;

Interrupt: no;

Recharge: 37 seconds;

Effect: creates a volcanic eruption under the selected enemy, dealing damage to them and all other opponents within a small area around the target.

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