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Outriders: Item Crafting Outriders guide, walkthrough

This page of the Outriders game guide contains information on item crafting. Here you will learn which resources are useful, where to find them and what they are for.

After completing the Dedication mission, you will unlock a new character, Zahedi, who will make it possible for you to upgrade your items. After this mission, he'll be waiting for you in the base along with other NPCs.


There are several types of materials available in the game that are necessary to craft and upgrade your equipment. The screenshot below shows the window displaying the amount of resources you've collected.

The inventory screen displays how many materials you currently have. - Outriders: Item Crafting - Basics - Outriders Guide
The inventory screen displays how many materials you currently have.

5 different types of resources exist in the game:

  1. Scrap - the game's primary resource, it functions as a currency used to purchase items from vendors. They are often dropped by enemies or earned by completing quests or selling items,
  2. Leather - can be dropped by animal-like opponents or obtained by dismantling gear,
  3. Iron - can be obtained from ore deposits encountered during quests or found in chests. Necessary to mod your equipment,
  4. Titanium - a very rare resource, it can occasionally be found in ore deposits or chests. It is most often obtained by dismantling valuable gear,
  5. Anomaly shards - are mainly used to raise attribute levels.

All resources are best obtained by disassembling picked up objects. This is the fastest way to get what you need. During the game, you will have the possibility to quickly mark specific rarity of items. It makes getting rid of junk much easier.

You will find this option in your inventory in the lower right corner, as in the image below. Once selected, you will have the ability to disassemble all items of a specific rarity with a single key (DEL by default).

This option makes processing all the junk easier. - Outriders: Item Crafting - Basics - Outriders Guide
This option makes processing all the junk easier.


You can upgrade your weapons in a number of ways. The first method is to increase the weapon's rarity. Epic weapons are the highest rarity gear you can obtain. Upgrading the rarity to unusual or rare requires iron and leather. To reach the epic tier, you will need titanium. When upgrading to a higher tier, the game will let you choose one of three weapon mods.

The second method is to increase the item's level. Leather and iron (for lower rarity tiers) and titanium (for higher rarity tiers) can be used to level up gear and thus increase its base parameters, such as damage output or armor. With every level, the game re-rolls the item's attributes.

The third method is to increase the attribute bonus. This bonus can be increased up to 6 times.

The fourth method is through mods. You can customize your item with any mods from the known mods list (you can unlock more list items by disassembling modded gear). You can swap out mods at will, but keep in mind that while selecting a mod slot, the remaining slots are unavailable.

This crafting system allows you to combine gear properties in ways that don't occur during normal gameplay. Avoid using the same two mods in separate slots as their effects won't stack.

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