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Baldurs Gate 3 Guide, Walkthrough by

Baldurs Gate 3 Guide, Walkthrough

Table of Contents
Baldurs Gate 3 - M1 - Nautiloid
Baldurs Gate 3 - M1 - Nautiloid
Area where you start the game. You begin the exploration of the flying ship Nautiloid in this room. You can inspect the nursery (skillcheck). There are also first chests nearby with minor loot. You'll find the first Restoration Station near the exit from the room (free healing).
Elevator. It allows to reach the upper level of the room where Myrnath is located (yellow 1 on the map).
Intellect Devourer - Us. An operation was carried out on Myrnath here. You can examine the talking brain and then try to set it free (several different skillchecks). The intellect devourer can join you as a temporary ally. Alternatively you can leave the devourer in the brain or defeat it in combat.
Hole in the ship. You will have to complete a tutorial here on using the bonus action Jump. It will allow you to go past the damaged fragment.
Lae'zel. The female fighter will automatically show up and join the team upon reaching this area.
Imps. You will have to defeat the first group of 3 imps here. The battle will be easier if you've temporarily recruited the Intellect devourer (yelloe 1 on the map). You can find throwable items, potions and other loot by searching the corpses. There's a new Restoration Station next to the stairs.
Battlefield. You can find many bodies here, as well as wounded / dying people. Avoid any contact with fire. You can participate in optional batters on the upper level - with imps and people controlled by the mind flayers.
Northern passage. It leads towards the ship's helm.
Terminal with 3 buttons. The left button has no use. The middle button releases the people under mind flayer's control and you have to defeat them in combat. The right button kills the people from the pods without combat. There's a Shadowheart cleric in one of the pods - you can pass a skillcheck, but you won't recruit her until the first act of the game. There's a Restoration Station here.
Elaborate chest. It's locked - you need a key from the eastern room (green 2 on the map). The chest contains an onyx and gold.
Woman in the pod. There's a terminal nearby and using it will transform the woman into a mind flayer.
Cleric's corpse. You will find an elaborate key which can be used to open the chest from the previous room (green 1 on the map).
Restoration Station. Aside from healing you can also use the passageway leading to the helm.
Commander Zhalk. It's best to allow him to fight with a friendly mind flayer and focus on reaching the helm's transponder (blue 9 on the map). There are also imps in the area and more will show up later on.
Transponder. You have to reach it after entering the ship's helm in order to restore the correction. It will trigger a cut-scene and end the prologue.
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Baldurs Gate 3: Nautiloid map Baldurs Gate 3 guide, walkthrough

Key points of Baldurs Gate 3 - M1 - Nautiloid

Important locations on the map

Powerful enemies and traps

Unique passageways and treasures

New potential team members

This page of the Baldurs Gate 3 World Atlas revolves around the map of the M1 - Nautiloid flying ship. Our guide describes all the important locations aboard the ship from the campaign prologue. You'll also learn about the more difficult battles that occur aboard Nautiloid.

Important locations - Nautiloid

  1. 1. Starting place. In Baldurs Gate 3, you begin your adventure alone, although during the exploration of the ship you can add the first companions to your party - Intellect Devourer (orange 1 on the map) and the Fighter - Lae'zel (orange 2 on the map). This will make it easier for you to win (or survive) the first few battles of the prologue.
1 - Baldurs Gate 3: Nautiloid map - World Atlas - Baldurs Gate 3 Guide, Walkthrough

1. Myrthal and the talking brain. On the upper level of one of the first rooms, you can find a man who has undergone a surgery. The talking brain will ask for liberation. You can accept this request and pass one of several skill tests or refuse and destroy/defeat the brain in combat. This choice was further described on the Myrnath and the talking brain - Nautiloid page.

1. Imps. They are the first monsters you encounter in the game and confronting them is mandatory. When dealing with these creatures, it may be helpful to have Intellect Devourer in your party and to detonate the tanks located there with distance attacks.

6 - Baldurs Gate 3: Nautiloid map - World Atlas - Baldurs Gate 3 Guide, Walkthrough

6. Terminal with 3 buttons. Each button has a different action, with the choice generally limited to freeing characters from pods and fighting them (middle button) or murdering imprisoned people (right button). In one of the pods, there is Shadowheart the cleric, but it is impossible to free her now-it will only be possible after the prologue is finished and you meet her on the beach (the M2 map in our guide). The location of the prisoners is described in more detail on the Prisoners in the pods - Nautiloid guide page.

2. Commander Zhalk. He remains on the captain's bridge, with no interest in attacking the team and no interest in fighting one of the friendly Mind Flyers. This will make it easier for you to reach the transponder, although you still have to be careful of the nearby Imps (some of which will appear on the captain's bridge later on).

9. Transponder. This is the main destination during the prologue. You need to reach the transponder as any team member and interact with it to renew transmissions. This will allow you to complete the prologue and move to act 1 of the campaign.

Important NPCs in Nautiloid

1. Intellect Devourer. You can help him get out of his brain and "recruit" him during the prologue.

2. Lae'zel. She is a friendly warrior who will automatically join the team upon reaching the left side of the ship.

2. Commander Zhalk. He's a very strong opponent on the captain's Bridge, but hopefully, he'll be busy fighting someone else.

Further information about the Nautiloid map

The entire prologue of the campaign takes place aboard the Nautiloid flying ship. You can treat this part of the game as an extended tutorial. You'll be able to become familiar with the basics of exploring the game world, fighting battles based on a turn-based fighting system, interacting with elements of the environment, or commanding a team.

At the conclusion of the prologue, the Nautiloid makes an emergency landing and crashes. This means you will not be able to return to the ship after moving to the first act of the game. However, there will be an opportunity to examine fragments of the shipwreck.

The game does not require visiting the flying ship at 100% to complete the prologue, but it is nonetheless advisable. You'll be able to find more loot and gain more experience points.

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