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EVE Online Guide

Table of Contents

EVE Online: Skills, character development EVE Online guide, tips

This guide page to EVE Online will teach you how to develop your character, depending on your preferred type of gameplay.

Last update: Monday, September 20, 2021

On this page of the guide to EVE Online, you will find basic information about the skills, as well as learn how to properly manage your character's progress.

Players in EVE Online can choose from a variety of skills that will help them perform specific activities. Below you will find a list of useful skills divided by profession (Jobs), which are worth learning to fit into the relevant department of the world economy of New Eden.

In EVE Online, you can distinguish a dozen valuable skills that will be useful to everyone, no matter what ships you fly - EVE Online: Skills, character development - Basics - EVE Online Guide

Universal skills

In EVE Online, you can distinguish a dozen valuable skills that will be useful to everyone, no matter what ships you fly.

  1. Navigation: increases the speed of all ships;
  2. Hull Upgrades: increases points of armor's durability;
  3. Spaceship Command: improves agility of all ships;
  4. Mechanics: increases the health points of ships;
  5. CPU Management: improves CPU performance of all ships;
  6. Power Grid Management: increases the energy efficiency of all ships;
  7. Capacitor Management: increases Capacitor capacity of all ships;
  8. Capacitor System Operation: improves the charging speed of the Capacitor;
  9. Shield Management: increases the efficiency of the shields;
  10. Shield Operation: increases the charging speed of the shields;
  11. Long Range Targeting: increases the maximum range at which you can target;
  12. Signature Analysis: increases target locking speed;
  13. Evasive Maneuvering: increases the agility of ships;
  14. Warp Drive Operation: reduces the demand of the Capacitor.


Below is a list of skills in EVE Online which can come in handy when you decide to fight someone.

General skills:

  1. Weapon Upgrades: better weapon modules mean higher damage;
  2. Drones and Light Drone Operation: if you want to use ships that have access to drones;
  3. Drone Durability: increases the health pool of drones;
  4. Shield Compensation: minimizes the cost of the shield amplifier module;
  5. Repair Systems: improved damage repair efficiency.


  1. Rapid Firing: increases rate of fire for turrets;
  2. Surgical Strike: increases damage dealt by all types of turrets;
  3. Sharpshooter: increases the range of turrets;
  4. Motion Prediction: increases turret tracking speed, thus increasing turrets' accuracy;
  5. Trajectory Analysis: improves the trajectory of missiles, thereby increasing the range of turrets.

Missile launchers:

  1. Light Missiles: skill required to use light missile launchers, increases missile damage;
  2. Missile Projection: increases the speed and range of missiles;
  3. Warhead Upgrades: damage bonus;
  4. Missile Launcher Operation: increases the rate of fire of missile launchers;
  5. Missile Bombardment: increases missile range.


Below you will find a list of skills that will help you in exploring the vast world of New Eden in EVE Online.

  1. Archeology: makes it easy to hack containers with Relics;
  2. Astrometric Acquisition: makes scanning Cosmic Signatures easier;
  3. Astrometric Rangefinding: makes scanning Cosmic Signatures easier.


If you want to work as a miner and extract ore or gas in EVE Online, you should pay attention to the following skills.

  1. Mining: increases the efficiency of mining lasers;
  2. Mining Upgrades: allows you to use mining laser's upgrades;
  3. Mining Frigate: increases the Venture's mining bonuses;
  4. Gas Cloud Harvesting: allows extraction of gas.


If you know something about economics and how does EVE Online's market work, you can develop two main skills and try your hand at professional trading.

  1. Trade: increases the number of purchase and sale orders;
  2. Broker Relations: reduces the fees for creating new market orders.
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