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Black Desert Online Game Guide

Ready? Fight! Black Desert Online guide has been divided into two parts, thanks to which you can easily find items of your interest. The first pages constitute a basic description of the game.

Black Desert Online is a game developed by the Korean-Based Pearl Abyss, which can boast somewhat unusual graphics. This game is slightly different from other MMO-RPG games, and this guide will instruct you through all of the aspects that you encounter during the game. This text has been divided into two parts, thanks to which you can easily find items of your interest. The first pages constitute a basic description of the game, i.e. PC controls, character creation and a short description of available options, markings on the map and description of the interface. Here, you can find interesting information on the world presented in the game, which is going to serve as an introduction into the game. The next chapter includes description of game's mechanics. Its sub-chapters describe your character, the world that you are going to explore, available activities and quest walkthroughs. These descriptions present more complex issues connected with the game. Thanks to them, you can start performing a given activity that has previously remained a mystery, without any problems. In-game activities have been divided into several smaller sub-chapters and that describe each one of them. The next part of the guide has been devoted to combat and skills. In Black Desert, combat is different from what you are already familiar with, from other MMO-RPGs and it is focused on combining skills and targeting the opponent, which gas been described in detail. The following chapters provide descriptions of guild creation, or activities available for multiplayer communities.. The last two chapters have been devoted to crafting and upgrading of your equipment. Here, you find descriptions of interesting issues concerning that, as a general description of how they work. This has been rounded up with system requirements for that game.

This guide to Black Desert Online includes:

  • Descriptions of interface, of the map and of the character creation process,
  • Description and explanation of the game mechanics,
  • Description of all the in-game activities,
  • Detailed discussion of the main character,
  • Description crafting and of the upgrade system,
  • Detailed walkthroughs for each quest and rewards that you receive for completing them,
  • A detailed description of the combat system,
  • Discussion of the technical side of the game.

Jacek "Ramzes" Winkler (

About Black Desert Online Game Guide

Author : Jacek "Ramzes" Winkler for

Translator : Slawomir "Szczur" Niejadlik, Karol Drozynski

last update : May 5, 2016

Guide contains : 31 pages, 60 images.

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Black Desert Online Video Game

Black Desert Online
  • genre: MMO

  • developer: Pearl Abyss
  • publisher: Daum
  • platform: PC

Black Desert is a MMORPG set in a fantasy world. This is the debut project of a Korean studio, Pearl Abyss. The action takes place in a grim fantasy world ravaged by unrelenting conflict. The game starts with creating your own character, choosing between several diverse races and classes. The heart of the game is an extensive system of combat. The mechanics of fighting are heavily arcade, and depend on reflexes of the players, rather than the statistics of their characters.

Black Desert offers one big virtual world on each server, devoid of instantiating. PvP plays an important role in the game. Sieges of fortresses are especially interesting in which we use, among others, mobile towers, ladders, cannons and catapults. The authors also made sure that an extensive virtual economy system is present. The players can collect materials, trade, cultivate the fields, build factories, hire NPCs, craft items, and purchase and manage estates.

Black Desert Online PC version System Requirements

Recommended: Intel Core i5-650 3.2 GHz, 6 GB RAM, graphic card 1 GB GeForce GTX 650/Radeon HD 6770 or better, Windows 7/8 64-bit

Minimum: Intel Core i3-530 2.9 GHz, 4 GB RAM, graphic card 512 MB GeForce 9800/Radeon HD 6770 or better, Windows 7/8 64-bit

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