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Black Mirror Bandersnatch Endings Guide by

Black Mirror Bandersnatch Endings Guide

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Bandersnatch: How many endings can I unlock? Black Mirror Bandersnatch guide

It's difficult to establish an official number of endings which Black Mirror: Bandersnatch movie has to offer, because some of them are similar or feel more like dead ends. We've made our list of endings we consider unique. Make sure to visit the All endings chapter in our guide to find walkthroughs leading to different endings.

Major endings of Bandersnatch

Major endings are the ones offering a chance to view the credits upon discovering them (alternatively you can go back to one of the previous important choices).

  1. Ending 1 - Stefan ends up on the movie set (meta ending) - It's a very strange ending in which Stefan ends up on the actual set of Black Mirror talking to the director.
  2. Ending 2 - Stefan fights his father and goes crazy (meta ending) - In this ending Stefan has a fight with his father and he screams at the viewer as he's being carried outside.
  3. Ending 3 - Stefan kills his father and gets arrested, Tuckersoft bankrupts, Colin lives
  4. Ending 4 - Stefan kills his father and gets arrested, Tuckersoft bankrupts, Colin dies - The only difference to ending 3 is that Colin dies (on one of two occasions)
  5. Ending 5 - Stefan kills his father, Bandersnatch gets the top score - This is the only ending leading to Bandersnatch getting a 5/5 review. Stefan still gets arrested, but it doesn't happen right away.
  6. Hidden ending 1 - Pearl is rebooting Stefan's game, Stefan learns the truth - Pearl is Colin's daughter. You can meet her as she's trying to recreate Stefan's game.
  7. Hidden ending 2 - Stefan rescues his mom, but dies in therapist's chair - This is the best ending, because it's the only one leading to Mom being saved. Sadly Stefan won't make it out alive.

Minor endings of Bandersnatch

Minor endings are in most cases dead ends in the story. The only option after watching them is usually going back back to the last choice. The story can then continue until you reach one of the major endings and can start the credits.

  1. Ending 1 - Bandersnatch releases prematurely and receives the lowest score
  2. Ending 2 - Stefan destroys his computer with the tea
  3. Ending 3 - Stefan commits suicide
  4. Ending 4 - Stefan takes the pills, Bandersnatch releases and gets a mediocre score
  5. Ending 5 - Stefan gets angry at the errors and destroys the computer
  6. Ending 6 - Stefan has a mental crisis, but decides not to kill his father
  7. Ending 7 - Pearl destroys her computer
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