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Assassin's Creed Valhalla Guide and Walkthrough by

Assassin's Creed Valhalla Guide and Walkthrough

Table of Contents

AC Valhalla Siege of Paris: Honor and Enemies Assassin's Creed Valhalla guide, walkthrough

AC Valhalla Siege of Paris: This page contains a detailed walkthrough of the main quest Honor and Enemies.

Last update: Wednesday, December 21, 2022

On this page of the Assassin's Creed Valhalla Siege of Paris guide you will find a detailed walkthrough of the Honor and Enemies main story quest.

Reward: 3,400 XP.

Travel to Sigfred's Forward Camp

This quest begins after you talk to Toka and Sigfred. The woman will explain several matters regarding the attack, while Sigfred promises to raze Paris, even if you don't help him. However, he agrees to give you some time to try and bribe Odo.

Explore Pontem Esera

You need to find some clues pointing at Odo's current location. Look for them in the fort. You should sneak inside to avoid unnecessary alerts and fights.

While exploring the port you'll find a key (one of the guards has it at hand) and some documents you can reach with the aforementioned key. After reading the scrolls, the mission objective changes.

Travel to the North of Paris

You shouldn't have any problems reaching this area if you've already unlocked sync points. If not, you'll need to find a crack in the city wall, through which you can reach the wooden beams and slip past the guards.

Find and Reach Count Odo's manor

To start off, you obviously need to get rid of the guards. It's best to do so quietly, without alerting the nearby enemies and civilians.

After eliminating the guards try entering the manor. Theodrate will stand in your way, refusing to let you pass without a proper warrant.

Talk to the blonde French woman - she'll direct you to a drunkard locked in a barn. Another woman tries to get inside - help her open the door, then take the drunk man out of the building. Just as the blonde woman suggested, he has the correct papers.

You'll enter the manor, but you won't be able to progress far without a required key. One of the men has it. Steal it without causing suspicion.

Your final objective is going upstairs. Once you arrive, you'll find out Odo knew of your presence and doesn't intend to agree to a peaceful solution.

Afterwards, you will return to Sigfred. Completing this quest unlocks three other missions:

  1. Fire From Heaven
  2. Royal Fox Hunt
  3. A Hidden Weakness
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