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Agony Game Guide

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How to unlock other endings? | Agony Agony Game Guide and Walkthrough

The developers of Agony have prepared 7 endings. Unlock them by meeting certain requirements. They aren't complicated but some of them require a lot of time. Certain endings can be unlocked without completing the entire game. Here, you can find our list of requirements that must be fulfilled in order to unlock a given ending.

The basic ending

You can get this ending by simply completing the game. You can do that by beating all 4 levels and defeating the final boss. You don't need to get any collectibles nor to kill any enemies.

Evil ending

To unlock this ending, you need to kill at least 70 characters. You can only kill when you are inside of a demon's body. Simply kill everything that stands in your way. However, the game doesn't feature a kill count which means that you have to count your victims yourself. Kill more than 70 characters and enter The Cathedral at level 4 to unlock this ending.

Madman ending

Madman ending is the easiest one to get. You simply have to stand still for 5 minutes in Mushroom Mind location. You can't look around, crouch nor hide. This ending doesn't require you to beat the game.

Baphomet ending

At the end of the first level you will come across Baphomet - How to unlock other endings? | Agony - Starting Tips - Agony Game Guide

At the end of the first level you will come across Baphomet. Defeating him will open a secret passage. You can do that by simply running behind Baphomet and setting his wings on fire with a torch. After that the devil will escape. Your next objective is to find a figurine in The Fractal Forest. You can also buy it with points that are collected throughout the game. Once you defeat Baphomet and get his figure, you must go to Mushroom Mind location. The ending can be unlocked there.

Good ending

To unlock this ending, you have to find 4 angels - How to unlock other endings? | Agony - Starting Tips - Agony Game Guide

To unlock this ending, you have to find 4 angels. Each level has 1 angel. Find them all and go back to level 2. Thanks to that you will unlock this ending.

Locations of the angels can be found on the page dedicated to items.

Succubus mode ending

Succubus mode is unlocked by beating the game. In this mode you play as a titular Succubus and you have to beat the game for the second time. This character can break walls, open certain gates and kill enemies.

Nimrod ending

This is the most complicated ending in Agony. You need to complete the game as Succubus and unlock the Evil ending. After that you can access the basement in the Cathedral. There, you have to find all the pieces of the golden statue. You also need to find Garments of Adam available in every level. They are carried by certain Martyrs - kill them or capture their bodies to get these items. Another requirement for this ending is to complete the story.

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