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Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II Game Guide by

Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II Game Guide

Table of Contents

Multiplayer mode - Units - Tyranids | Multiplayer mode WH40k: DoW2 Guide

Last update: Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Hormagaunt Brood

They can prove useful early in the game, but later they're worthless, due to low damage output and lack of ranged weapon. Hormogants are quite cheap, this doesn't however make them better than Termagants.


Fast and strong anti-infantry unit. It fights only in melee and has the ability to knockdown enemies. This makes fighting easier for other Tyranid groups. Lictor is vulnerable to heavy firearms and vehicles.

Ravener Brood

Another great anti-infantry unit. They have the ability to pin down enemies, fight at a distance and are able to dig into the ground and flee the battlefield. Their main flaw is their price and their weakness against vehicles.

Ripper Swarm

Rather miserable unit that is worth noting only due to its low cost and large numbers. If you need to quickly secure an undefended strategic point these are the units for the job. Due to the fact that Tyranids don't use vehicles Rippers are less useful than their counterparts in other races.

Spore Mines

They're only effective in large groups - those suicidal units are only effective against enemy infantry. Rather than wasting resources on the mines save up to build Carnifexes.

Termagant Brood

Similar to Hormagants though better, as they are able to fight at longer range. Pretty effective against enemy infantry and quite cheap - those are the main assets of Termagants.


Anti-infantry unit. Even though they have upgrades that should make them effective against vehicles they can't really fight them effectively. Their pin down ability is what makes them really useful.


Supposedly an artillery unit, though their low fire rate makes them rather miserable.


After buying the bioplasm upgrade Carnifex becomes the most powerful tyranid unit. What's important, you're able to create more than one Carnifex - this allows you to create quite a deadly force. High price is Carnifex's only flaw.

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