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Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II Game Guide by

Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II Game Guide

Table of Contents

Multiplayer mode - Heroes | Multiplayer mode WH40k: DoW2 Guide

Last update: Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Space Marines

Force Commander - a great warrior. After equipping him with energy weapons he can deal with loads of infantry. He has a lot of health so he can stand even very heavy fire.

Apothecary - he's health is quite low, but he can heal his comrades. Equip him with a decent armor and use his regenerative abilities to heal the remaining troops.

Techmarine - an exquisite defensive character. If you're planning to secure the strategic points on the map Techmarine should be your man for the job. He's not impressive if you take into consideration his combat abilities, but he can lay mines and create anti-infantry turrets. He's the only character able to summon the Venerable Dreadnought.


Warboss - a pureblood warrior. All of the abilities granted by summoning the Warboss are set to improve the resilience and firepower of your troops. The Warboss himself doesn't have many characteristic abilities, but in return he offers great health and melee damage.

Kommando Nob - Kommando Nob seems to be a bit misplaced among Orc units - he's set on infiltration and use of explosives. He's pretty good at ranged combat and has pretty high health. I wouldn't recommend picking him as your hero.

Mekboy - he can repair the turrets and vehicles which allows you to skip the Slugga Boyz. Additionally he can create his own defensive structures and use teleportation. If you buy the appropriate equipment he can lay mines. He has quite an impressive firepower but his health is incredibly poor.


Warlock - pretty good at melee combat, after buying the right upgrades he can heal nearby allies. Most Warlock upgrades affect his combat abilities. It is supposed to compensate for his low health. Apart from his few special abilities, Warlock cannot fight at a distance.

Warp Spider Exarch - a great distance hero with access to teleportation. Like the Warp Spiders, the Exarch can employ his teleportation ability to perform hit-and-run attacks. When needed he can teleport along with nearby units. He's efficient against the infantry and some of the upgrades make him efficient enough to deal with vehicles.

Farseer - pretty good at melee combat, can easily dispatch a lot of infantry, but her weakness is low health. She offers a few interesting abilities such as revealing portions of the map or summoning the Seer Council. Her upgrades increase her melee efficiency.


Hive Tyrant - a warrior type. Hive Tyrant has high health and is efficient when fighting infantry and his abilities allow him to summon additional units to the battlefield. Tyrant is completely useless at fighting vehicles.

Ravener Alpha - extremely fast, but low on health. He has a lot of upgrades that allow him to become efficient at fighting either the infantry or vehicles (you have the choice, but Ravenger is better at killing infantry). Additionally he can dig tunnels that can be used by allied units.

Lictor Alpha - this hero prefers sneak attacks. He can use temporary invisibility and what's more he can be upgraded so that his stealth becomes really deadly. Lictor has quite low health and is inefficient at fighting vehicles.

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