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The Witcher Game Guide & Walkthrough by

The Witcher Game Guide & Walkthrough

Table of Contents

Books and Scrolls p. 1 | Additional info The Witcher Guide

The list below indicates places where you can find a certain book or scroll as soon as possible and, if possible, for free. Also, we listed all the journal entries you get from reading certain books and scrolls. Remember to sell each book after reading it - it won't be of any use to you anymore. If some locations listed below don't work for you, remember that most of the books can be bought from certain vendors.

Books and scrolls can be sold for 20% of their original price. Prices listed below are the "official" amounts of money *you* have to pay the vendors.

Fairytales and Stories (50)

Sold by Antiquary at the inn in the outskirts (M5.3).

Glossary: Sorcerers.

Barghests (50)

Sold by Antiquary at the inn in the outskirts (M5.3).

Monsters: Barghest.

Ingredients: Beast Fangs, Ectoplasm, Death dust.

Greater Brothers

Found at the end of chapter V, by the body of Azar Javed.

Monsters: Mutant Assassin, Greater Brother.

Ingredients: Mutagen, Pituitary Glands.

Civilization Disease (350)

Sold by Elder Druid, in a cave in the swamps (M34.2).

Monsters: Zeugl.

Ingredient: Zeugl Venom.

Wonderful World of Insectoids (600)

Sold by Bookseller (M14.40) in the Trade Quarter.

Monsters: Kikimore worker, Kikimore warrior, Kikimore queen, Giant centipede.

Ingredients: Trachae, Kikimore claw, Toxin, Venom Glands, Kikimore Queen's Nerve.

Foreign Lands (60)

Found in a chest in the alcove in New Narakort (M14.13).

Sorceresses and Sorcerers (60)

Found in Triss' house (M14.1).

Lara's Gift (70)

Found in a house (M8.43) across the warehouse.

Glossary: Elves.

The Road of No Return (150)

Sold by the Antiquary (M8.15) in Temple Quarter.

Monsters: Koshchey.

Ingredient: Koshchey Heart.

Hellhound's Soul (200)

Got from Abigail in phase 10 of Q1.5. Of Monsters and Men.

Recipe: Hellhound Soul.

Feainnewedd (300)

Sold by the Antiquary (M8.15) in Temple Quarter.

Ingredient: Feainnewedd.

Story of Lara Dorren and Cragen of Lod (60)

Found in various places, for example in brickmakers' hut (M10.12) in the swamps.

Glossary: Elves.

Recent History (40)

Sold by the Antiquary in the Outskirts (M5.3).

Glossary: History.

The History of the World (40)

Sold by the Antiquary in the outskirts (M5.3).

Glossary: History of Temeria.

Hymns of Madness and Despair (100)

Reward from Vaska for Q3.72. Reaping Time.

Monsters: Dagon.

Ingredient: Dagon secretions.

The Conjuction of the Spheres (50)

Sold by Antiquary in the outskirts (M5.3).

Glossary: The Conjunction of the Spheres.

Thunderbolt (800)

In Raven's Tomb (M35.8).

Recipes: Thunderbolt, Full Moon, Shrike, Vampire Oil.

Swallow (100)

Got from Triss at the end the prologue.

Recipes: While Gull, Swallow, Cat, Blizzard, Necrophage Oil.

Book of Kisses (400)

Kalkstein sells it in chapter III (M20.6).

Recipes: Kiss, Insectoid Oil, Argentia.

Book of the Tawny Owl (200)

Found by the body in phase 10 of Q1.6. Salamandra's Tail.

Recipes: Tawny Owl, Bindweed, White Honey.

Wolverine (600)

Found in phase 15 of Q3.89. The Unforgiven.

Recipes: Wolverine, Willow, Ornithosaur Oil.

Book of Fear and Loathing, volume I (250)

Can be obtained at the inn in the outskirts (M5.3) by beating the drunkard there (5 pints of beer do that).

Monsters: Ghoul, Graveir.

Ingredients: Abomination Lymph, White Vinegar, Ghoul Blood, Cadaverine, Graveir Bone.

Book of Fear and Loathing, volume II (500)

Sold by the Antiquary (M8.15) in Temple Quarter.

Monsters: Alghoul, Cementaur, Devourer.

Ingredients: Cadaverine, White Vinegar, Abomination Lymph, Shadow Dust, Albar's Crystals, Alghoul Marrow, Cementaur Jaw, Devourer Teeth.

Golden Oriole (400)

Sold by Thaler (M8.26).

Recipes: Golden Oriole, Wolf, Black Blood.

Book of Animals (100)

Sold by Abigail (M5.33).

Monsters: Dog, Wolf.

Ingredients: Beast fangs, Beast liver.

Cults and Religions of the Nordlings (90)

Found in Lebioda's hospital (M8.30).

Glossary: Elves, Cult of the Lionhead Spider, Cult of Melitele.

The Flower and the Flame (70)

In a chest in the Order's outpost (M8.34).

Little book of Minerals (400)

Sold by Antiquary (M8.15) in Temple Quarter.

Ingredients: Sulfur, Ginatz's Acid, Wine Stone, Naezan Salts, Calcium equum, Phosphorus.

Forensic Medicine (150)

Sold by Antiquary (M8.15) and Thaler (M8.26) in temple quarter.

Glossary: Medical Science.

Monstrum or a portrayal of the Witchers (50)

Found in a chest in the prologue (M4.11), upper floor of Kaer Morhen.

Glossary: Witchers.

Kikimore nerve (600)

Found in phase 15 of Q3.89. The Unforgiven.

Recipe: Kikimore's Ire.

Berengar's Notes on the Beast

Got from Abigail in phase 10 of Q1.5. Of Monsters and Men.

Monsters: Hellhound.

Ingredients: Trace of the Beyond.

Experiment notes

Found by De Wett's body in phase 18 of Q5.110. Her Highness the Striga.

Monsters: Mutant, Armored Hound, Greater Mutant.

Ingredients: Pituitary Glands, Mutagen, Beast Liver, Beast Fangs.

Frightener's Eye (100)

Got from Vesemir.

Recipe: Frightener's Vision.

Curses and the Damned (500)

Sold by Antiquary (M8.15) in Temple Quarter, and at the end of the chapter found in a chest in Salamandra's Base (M24.3).

Monsters: Echinops, Archespore, Werewolf, Striga.

Ingredients: Werewolf Fur, Striga Heart, Spores, Echinops rootstock, Archespore juice.

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