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The Witcher Game Guide & Walkthrough by

The Witcher Game Guide & Walkthrough

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Table of Contents

Map M7 - Sewers | Walkthrough The Witcher Guide

1 - Map M7 - Sewers | Walkthrough - Maps | Chapter II - The Witcher Game Guide & Walkthrough

1. A barrel.

2. This is where you start - by a dead man's body.

3. At the junction you'll meet a knight from Order of the Flaming Rose - Siegfried.

4. Barrels. Use Aard sign here to open up the passage.

5. If you let the Thug beat you in the dungeon, you'll see his body here. Search it to find a Rusty Sword.

6. Place of power.

7. Barrels.

8. Fireplace.

9. A barrel.

10. Barrels.

11. Barrel.

12. A sack.

13. Search it to find Letter to Erick and a Key. If you read the letter, you'll know that somewhere in the sewers there's a hideout of an occult group, worshipping a Lionhead Spider.

14. Exit from the sewers. You'll get a key from Siegfried after defeating the Cockatrice.

15. Steel bars.

16. Steel bars and a place of power.

17. Fireplace.

18. Place of power.

19. Fireplace.

20. Lionhead Spider crypt (as described in chapter III - map M18). You'd better not try to enter it at the beginning of Chapter II. You'll need a good steel sword here.

21. Entrance to Con Artist's crypt.

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