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The Callisto Protocol Guide by

The Callisto Protocol Guide

Table of Contents

Callisto Protocol: All chapters list and walkthrough The Callisto Protocol guide

On this page is a list of all the chapters of the Callisto Protocol game available in our guide. You will also find out if there is an option to repeat passed stages (Chapter Select).

Last update: Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Callisto Protocol consists of a prologue and 7 chapters. This page of the guide contains a list of all stages described in our walkthrough. In addition, we answer the question of whether it is possible to return to completed chapters (Chapter Select option).

All chapters

  1. Cargo - a short prologue played on board the UJC Charon spaceship piloted by the protagonist Jacob.
  2. Outbreak - the first chapter of the campaign, in which you will start exploring the Black Iron prison after a dangerous incident has occurred in it. You will learn, e.g. how to get the first weapons.
  3. Aftermath - the second chapter of the campaign where you will explore new sections of the prison. Our walkthrough suggests, e.g. how to use GRP and how to survive a big battle with monsters.
  4. Habitat - the third chapter of the campaign, in which the hero has to go through the sewers to the Habitat. We explain, e.g. how to complete the pipeslide sequence.
  5. Lost - the fourth chapter of the campaign takes you to the icy surface of the moon Callisto. The walkthrough describes, e.g. the path leading over the damaged bridge and examining the power station.
  6. Below - the fifth chapter of the campaign, in which Jacob explores the undergrounds. Here, we described the first duel with the Two-Head boss, as well as avoiding detection by blind monsters.
  7. Colony - the sixth chapter of the campaign in which you explore the Old Colony. From the walkthrough you will learn, e.g. how to survive the encounter with Captain Ferris and how to pass through the 3 levels of the colony on the way to Dani.
  8. Tower - the final seventh chapter of the campaign where you visit the laboratory and the Warden's tower. From the walkthrough you will learn how to defeat the game's final boss.

Is there an option to replay chapters (Chapter Select)?

Callisto Protocol doesn't have the option to replay individual chapters, meaning you cannot easily return to old locations. You have to look carefully for unique loot (e.g. weapon schematics), secrets and collectibles.

The problem of not being able to use Chapter Select can be partially mitigated by creating a new save at the beginning of each chapter. If you miss an important collectible, you will be able to replay a specific chapter instead of starting the game all over again.

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