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Spider-Man Miles Morales Guide by

Spider-Man Miles Morales Guide

Table of Contents

Spider-Man Miles Morales: Suit Mods - List Spider-Man Miles Morales guide, walkthrough

Last update: 15 March 2021

On this page of the Spider-Man Miles Morales tutorial, you will find a list of all the Suit Mods and how to unlock each upgrade.

Suit Mods can be found in the 2nd tab after pressing the touchpad. The game offers 14 upgrades, some requiring you to own particular costumes, while others you'll buy with activity tokens earned by completing side missions and activities from the FNSM App and parts you find in Underground's caches.

You can only activate 2 of your purchased costume modifications at a time. However, you are allowed to change upgrades at any time, even during combat.

Below is a list of all modifications, along with a brief description and requirements to unlock them:

Requirements - Spider-Man Miles Morales: Suit Mods - List - Modifications - Spider-Man Miles Morales Guide



  1. 3 activity tokens

Reduces damage received in melee combat by 25%.



  1. level 3
  2. 8 activity tokens

Attacks after Perfect Dodge deal 50% more damage for 5 seconds.

You will score the perfect dodge by performing a last-minute dodge when your spider senses are glowing red.

Induction Mesh


  1. level 5
  2. 10 activity tokens
  3. 1 part

Provides a small amount of health for each hit to an enemy stunned by venom.

Venom Momentum


  1. level 10
  2. 12 activity tokens
  3. 2 parts

Every sixth hit in the series causes a venom stun on the enemy.

Hidden Fury


  1. level 10
  2. 10 activity tokens
  3. 2 parts

Melee attacks provide additional camouflage time for each hit.

Deep Pokets


  1. level 10
  2. 14 activity tokens
  3. 2 parts

Increases the ammo of all gadgets by 1.

Zap Slap


  1. Classic Suit

It causes a shock when the Underground's weapons are destroyed.

Power Pitcher


  1. Homemade Suit

Increases the damage dealt by thrown objects.

Venom Suppression Resistance


  1. Miles Morales 2099 Costume

Reduces the duration of the venom neutralization state after a Roxxon attack. Activate camouflage to immediately remove Roxxon bolas.

Steady Focus


  1. "It's over" costume

Slows the rate at which your camouflage depletes when you remain motionless.

Stronger Webs


  1. Animated Suit

Net-bound opponents need more time to get loose.

Power Transfer


  1. Spider-Training Suit

Turn off the camouflage beforehand to convert some of the camouflage energy into venom power.

Vibe the Verse


  1. Into the Spider-Verse Suit

With this modification you will jump into the Spider-universe. You'll have your frame rate decreased so that Miles moves like in the animated movie or something...

Venom Shield


  1. 18 activity tokens
  2. 3 parts
  3. Starting a New Game

Consuming a full bar of venom for healing activates a venom shield for 5 seconds, which blocks damage and causes a venom stun on melee attackers.

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