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Metro Exodus Guide

Metro Exodus Guide

Brave Nuke World The guide to Metro Exodus is a compendium of knowledge about this post-apocalyptic shooter game. Here you will find an exact walkthrough, a description of all available side quests and a full list of achievements.

The guide to Metro Exodus will let you uncover all the secrets of the new game from 4A Games. In our tutorial you'll find practical tips, information and hints to help you learn the key rules of the game. In this guide, you will, first of all, find a very detailed walkthrough of all storyline missions. In addition, in the FAQ section, you will find answers to your questions about the game.

On the first pages of this guide, you will find Starting Tips, which will make your first hours in the game easier. We have also prepared a lot of information about weapons and combat to help you learn about the most important mechanisms of the game. In this guide, you will also find a section devoted to controls, which will make your first moments in the game easier. We have also contained a trophy/achievement guide where we have put extra emphasis on the most difficult ones.

The game has a lot of important choices, some of them aren't as obvious. All of them are described in our guide. You can decide about the fate of Duke in the Volga, Damir in the Caspian Sea, and Alyosha in Taiga levels. These decisions have an impact on the game's finale which takes place in Dead City. Check how to get every ending and how to make sure that every companion stays alive until the end.

The chapter dedicated to secrets has maps helpful in locating the most important locations and side quests in the Volga, Caspian Sea, Taiga or Yamantau. With our guide, you won't miss any diaries, workbenches, postcards, or upgrades. We have listed the most important upgrades for your armor, gas mask, or gadgets such as a compass.

The walkthrough, full of high-quality pictures, is an important part of this guide. It will help you complete all locations, win the most important fights, and finish stealth sections. Metro Exodus has 5 difficulty levels - Reader, Easy, Normal, Hardcore, and Ranger Hardcore. Higher difficulty levels can be really challenging, even for FPS veterans.

As Metro Exodus is quite a demanding game, we have prepared a detailed system requirements section, where you will find not only an overview of the requirements but also numerous tips on how to increase the number of frames per second generated in the game. Smooth gameplay will make it much easier for you to play, and you will also have a much better chance of surviving in the destroyed world. On that page, you will also find information about the implementation of the RTX Nvidia technology.

Metro Exodus in a nutshell

Metro Exodus is the third installment in the series of FPS games developed by 4A Games. Like the previous installments, the game is based on the prose of Dmitry Glukhovsky. You play as Artyom once again. The task is to traverse post-apocalyptic Russia. You will visit Moscow, the Volga, the Caspian Sea, Taiga, Yamantau, and the Dead City.

In Metro Exodus, Artyom and his companions leave the metro tunnels of Moscow and set out to find a new home. The story of the game spans 12 months. During this time, the player will be able to see the seasons changing and their influence on the surrounding world. You can explore the world by using various vehicles, including the Aurora train.

Unlike the previous installments of the cycle, in Metro Exodus, we will be able to observe the dynamically changing weather, as well as the day and night cycle. In addition, the player's actions are supposed to affect the vitality of the companions, which means that we will be able to decide for ourselves who will survive this journey and who will not. Duke's, Damir's, and Alyosha's fates are in our hands - these choices will impact the game's ending.

Starting tips

We have prepared an extensive chapter focusing on starting tips for Metro Exodus. Check it to learn the most important information and tips for the game. Here are a few of the tips:

  1. Usually, running away is better than fighting.
  2. Aim at heads.
  3. You can decide about some of your companions' fates.
  4. Watch out for karma points.
  5. The air gun is great for weaker enemies.
  6. Clean your weapon on a regular basis, and refill supplies.
  7. Complete side quests.
  8. Change the time accordingly to your current mission.
  9. You can't re-visit locations you have already visited.
  10. Don't be in a hurry during fights.
  11. Explore the world.
  12. Collect resources.
  13. You can replay chapters in the main menu.
  14. Grenades and Molotov cocktails aren't very efficient.
  15. Use sniper rifles in open areas.
  16. Explore the train and listen to the radio.

More Metro Exodus tips

The full list of tips, along with in-depth descriptions, can be found in a separate chapter of our guide.

Trophies and achievements

The PlayStation 4 version of Metro Exodus has a platinum trophy. Our guide will help you get all the trophies/achievements in the game. Many of them are difficult to obtain and you usually have only one chance to get them (e.g. Fisherman trophy/achievement in which you have to catch a large fish). If you fail, you won't get a trophy/achievement - check our guide to avoid any problems with unlocking them.

Secrets and important places on the map

Metro Exodus features the following locations: Moscow, the Volga, the Caspian Sea, Taiga, Yamantau, and Dead City. Our guide has the full list of secrets, side missions, and the most important locations. Thanks to the guide you will know where to find a teddy bear, a guitar, a compass pointing you to the next mission objective, thermal vision goggles, and other optional secrets.

Some of the diaries available in the game: Half-Torn Notebook, Patient File, Dusty Diary, Shopping List, Shura's Note, Official Note, Memo, Official Letter, Survey Report, Mouldy Log, Water-Logged Note, Thick Ledger.

The locations of hideouts, workbenches, armor, gas mask and gadgets upgrades are all marked on the maps. We have also dedicated a lot of time on detailed descriptions of the collectibles - diaries and postcards. Check these chapters if you plan on completing Metro Exodus in 100%.

Diaries and postcards

There are two kind of collectibles in Metro Exodus - Diaries and Postcards. Our guide contains maps on which we have marked the locations of hidden collectibles.

  1. Diaries and postcards in Moscow
  2. Diaries and postcards in Volga
  3. Diaries and postcards in The Caspian Sea
  4. Diaries and postcards in Taiga

Choices and endings

Metro Exodus has a few less obvious choices that will impact some of the chapters and the ending of Artyom's journey. Our walkthrough includes descriptions of the following choices:

  1. Choices related to the fanatics and merchants in the Volga. Duke's fate depends on whether you chose the aggressive or stealth approach.
  2. Slaves in the Caspian Sea - your choices will determine Damir's fate and whether he will continue the journey with us or not.
  3. The third important choice happens in Taiga - Alyosha's fate depends on our attitude towards the locals.

Also, the game summarizes our good and bad deeds - they will determine which ending, good or bad, you will get. What should I do to get a specific ending? Check our guide to find out more.

Tips and answers

The FAQ section contains answers to various questions about Metro Exodus. We have listed topics that in our opinion are the most important for this game. Check these chapters to learn more about the game.

  1. How to get ammo?
  2. How to get gas mask filters?
  3. How to get resources?
  4. Does the game have a fast travel option?
  5. Can I go back to previously visited locations?
  6. How to check the current objective?
  7. How to defend yourself in a boat?
  8. How to get upgrades for the armor, helmet, and the gas mask?
  9. How to clean weapons?
  10. What are the differences between the difficulty levels?
  11. What does the number in the bottom right corner mean?
  12. How to change the time and what are the differences between the day and the night?
  13. How to open locked doors?
  14. Will Artyom die in Metro Exodus?

Metro Exodus walkthrough

The walkthrough section is an important part of our Metro Exodus guide. We have described the most important moments and difficult parts. Our walkthrough describes all the locations - Moscow, the Volga, the Caspian Sea, Taiga, Yamantau, and Dead City. We have described all steps of Artyom's journey, taking place in all the seasons - Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. The walkthrough contains information about the most important fights, stealth parts, and objectives. Besides that, we have also listed tips that should help you complete every stage.

  1. Moscow - Visit in the sewers, Exploring the town with Anna, Inside the enemy base, The enemy train
  2. Winter - Winter - Aurora
  3. The Volga - First steps in the new location, Escaping from the church, Searching for Krest, Saving Anna, The hangar with the large fish, Getting the wagon, Stealing the boat from the port, The cultists' base
  4. Spring - Spring - Aurora
  5. Yamantau - Visit the bunker.
  6. Caspian Sea - Searching for a car, The old lighthouse, Getting satellite maps
  7. Summer - Summer - Aurora
  8. Taiga - First contact with the locals, Pioneers' village, Bandits' camp and cemetery, Stealing a boat and the Admiral, The path to the dam and Alyosha.
  9. Fall - Fall - Aurora
  10. Dead City - Way to the Metro, Walk through the metro, Kirill and expedition for medicine, The boat crossing, Hallucinations and blind beasts.

Metro Exodus and Steam

At the moment it is not possible to buy Metro Exodus on Steam - Metro Exodus Guide

At the moment it is not possible to buy Metro Exodus on Steam. On this site, we will be able to run only the version of the game purchased before the release. The Epic Store platform will have one-year exclusivity for digital distribution of the game. All keys available in the boxed version of the PC game have an activation code for the Epic Games' platform.

What are the editions of Metro Exodus and what do they contain?

Priced at - $59 - Metro Exodus Guide

Metro Exodus - Standard Edition contains:

  1. The full version of the game.

Priced at - $59.99 (€69,99).

Metro Exodus - Golden Edition contains:

  1. The full version of the game.
  2. a season pass for DLC.

Priced at - $84.99 (€94,99).

Metro Exodus - Limited Aurora Edition:

  1. The full version of the game.
  2. a season pass for DLC.
  3. steel book;
  4. 32-page artbook;
  5. steel box with the Aurora train, which you ride in the game.

Priced at - $89.99 and €99.99.

Metro Exodus - Spartan Collector's Edition includes:

  1. Statue of Artyom fighting a monster,
  2. dog tag,
  3. two badges,
  4. four postcards,
  5. the full version of the game.

Priced at - €244,99.

Metro Exodus - Artyom Edition includes:

  1. steel ammo box,
  2. gas mask with a filter,
  3. lighter,
  4. Nixie watch,
  5. limited edition game,
  6. map,
  7. dog tag,
  8. a quality certificate signed by Dmitry Glukhovsky and the CEO of 4A Games, Andriy Prokhorov.

Only 10 units were made. You can try getting them at this site.

Pre-orders of the standard edition and the Golden Edition include:

  1. On PC - digital artbook and soundtrack.
  2. On Xbox One - the full version of Metro 2033 Redux.
  3. On PlayStation 4 - dynamical theme based on the winter version of the game world.

Is Metro Exodus a prequel or sequel?

The story of Metro Exodus takes place in w 2036, i.e. two years after the events of Metro: Last Light. The game itself tells the story from after the book Metro: Last Light - Redemption. Similarly, to the two previous installments, the player controls Artyom. This time, the hero escapes the metro along with his companions.

Artyom, together with his companions, travels the destroyed lands using a locomotive called "Aurora." They are looking for a place where they can start a new life. The plot takes place within one year, starting with harsh winter.

Can I play Metro Exodus in cooperation mode?

No, Metro Exodus is a single player only game.

How long is Metro Exodus?

You will need about 20 hours to complete Metro Exodus. You can spend more time with the game if you decide to find all the secrets and collectibles. Higher difficulty levels make the game more challenging which is reflected by the amount of time you will need to beat it.

How is Artyom alive?

Metro Exodus tells a story that happens after the good ending to Metro: Last Light. A good ending is as follows: Artyom is stopped from using the detonator. Shadows will appear in the area and they deal with Korbut and his mercs. However, if you have chosen the wrong ending, in which Artyom sacrifices his life and dies, it will not be taken into account. The story in Metro Exodus tells the story of the hero's adventure after leaving the Moscow Metro.

Does Metro Exodus have an open world?

The world of Metro Exodus is divided into several different stages. The game is not a sandbox with one huge, open map. Some of the stages are linear levels, while others are large hubs, which can be freely explored. The world in Metro Exodus changes not only in terms of seasons. In the game, you can also observe dynamic changes in the weather and the day and night cycles. After reaching the Volga, you will be able to change the time by sleeping.

How to move between locations?

Artyom traverses the destroyed lands using a locomotive called "Aurora". It will allow you to move to the other parts of the world. In Aurora, you will also find your companions and you will be able to have new interactions with the crew. Besides the Aurora, you are able to use a few different vehicles (e.g. UAZ car) available in some of the locations.

Are there vehicles in the game?

On the larger maps available in the game, you can come across different types of vehicles. They make it easier to move around the terrain.

Remember, however, that the sound of the engine can attract mutants and other people. The majority of them are unique to a given region - in the Volga, you can use a handcar; the Caspian Sea has cars.

System requirements

Minimal system requirements:

  1. Operation system: Windows 7 64-bit
  2. Processor: Intel Core i5-4440 @3.1 GHz
  3. RAM memory: 8 GB
  4. GPU: GeForce GTX 670 / Radeon HD 7870
  5. Required HDD/SSD space: 59 GB
  6. GPU memory: 2 GB

Metro Exodus recommended system requirements:

  1. OS: Windows 10
  2. CPU: Intel Core i7-4770K
  3. GPU: GeForce GTX 1070, RTX 2060 or AMD RX Vega 56 (8 GB VRAM)
  4. RAM: 8 GB
  5. HDD space: 59 GB

Metro Exodus recommended system requirements for the highest settings

  1. OS: Windows 10
  2. CPU: Intel Core i9-9900K
  3. GPU: GeForce RTX 2080Ti (11 GB VRAM)
  4. RAM: 16 GB

About Metro Exodus Guide

Author : Natalia "N.Tenn" Fras & Grzegorz "Alban3k" Misztal for

Translator : Jakub "Yossarian" Nowak

Use the comments below to submit your updates and corrections to this guide.

Metro Exodus Video Game

  • genre: Action

  • developer: 4A Games
  • publisher: Deep Silver / Koch Media
  • platform: PC, PS4, XONE

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