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Spider-Man Game Guide

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Enemies in Marvel's Spider-Man Spider-Man Guide and Walkthrough

Marvel's Spider-Man gives you the opportunity to fight many battles - in addition to super-villains, there are also numerous token thugs to be taken care of, hating the main character with a passion. The creators have provided a large variety of enemies. The following page of our guide presents a list of enemies in the game, along with a description of how to deal with them in the easiest way.

1 - Enemies in Marvels Spider-Man - Combat guide - Marvels Spider-Man Game Guide
  1. Unarmed melee opponents. They're the game's cannon fodder, which is not really a big problem. They often attack in large numbers - a simple combo or a throw are all that you need to take them out.
  2. Criminals with firearms. These enemies are much more dangerous because they attack from a distance and their bullets chip away a lot of your health. The priority is to take care of them first. It is worth learning skills that can disarm them, which will significantly reduce the threat from these enemies.
  3. Criminals with a rocket launcher. These enemies are definitely high on the top-list of the most dangerous adversaries in the game - although it is quite easy to avoid a single rocket, it can hit Peter in the heat of battle, which will really hurt. It is necessary to focus on these enemies first - they have the highest priority in combat.
  4. Snipers. This type of opponents is often located somewhere high up, trying to target our character from afar. Their attack is quite difficult to avoid, and piercing bullets can quickly defeat even Spider-Man; if possible try to defeat them at the beginning of the fight. Also try to be on the move all the time.
2 - Enemies in Marvels Spider-Man - Combat guide - Marvels Spider-Man Game Guide
  1. Enemies with shields. These enemies have shields in front of them, which negate damage from the front. Attack them from behind, or pull away their shield if you've unlocked the required ability.
  2. Brutes. These large enemies come in XXL size and can deliver quite a punch. They can efficiently block your attacks - you have to slip between their legs and attack them from behind. I also highly recommend the Electric Web, which will stun the enemy and neutralize the threat. Be sure to use dodges, because these guys can hit you almost as hard as a rocket.
  3. Enemies with special hand-to-hand combat weapons. On your way you will also meet enemies with whips, sword or special claws. These enemies have different attacks, although they are practically always fought in the same way - the basis is dodging and wrapping the enemies when they have their face stuck in the web. All kinds of gadgets are also useful, especially Electric Web and Suspensor Matrix. Take a defensive stance, dodge and focus on counters.
3 - Enemies in Marvels Spider-Man - Combat guide - Marvels Spider-Man Game Guide
  1. Zombie/mind-controlled citizens. You will meet enemies who have been temporarily possessed by Mister Negative's power. These enemies are very weak and fall after a few attacks. Their strength, however, lies in their large numbers.
  2. Enemies with jetpacks. At some point you will be forced to fight against Sable's mercenaries, including soldiers with jetpacks. Pull yourself to them with the web and finish them off quickly in the air. Also very useful is the ability called Revenge, which takes them out immediately.
  3. Turrets. To get rid of them, press L1+R1 at the same time - you'll tear out the turret and neutralize the threat.
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