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Graveyard Keeper Game Guide

Graveyard Keeper Game Guide

The gravedigger's funny life! Graveyard Keeper Game Guide consists of various tips and details about this creative RPG with strategic elements. Our solution provides advice on how to make and improve tools, prepare dishes, obtain raw materials, develop alchemy and technology.

Last update: Thursday, August 23, 2018

The game guide to Graveyard Keeper has been created for all first-time players. The guide contains a lot of practical tips that will help you play Graveyard Keeper, because the game can be complicated and unclear at the beginning.

Graveyard Keeper is a game based on exploration, meeting new characters and performing missions for them. We created pages that contain advice for missions and those that describe the world presented in the game. This will make it easier for you to find yourself in this strange land.

In the guide for Graveyard Keeper, you'll find information on how to upgrade your items and develop your character and their surroundings. We have also created pages with detailed descriptions of how to craft equipment. You will also find detailed descriptions of the resources and schematics required for technological development. We have also prepared pages about the tech tree and the points that can be gained in the game.

In the FAQ section, you will find answers to the questions you may have about the Graveyard Keeper in general. It contains information on combat, health regeneration and gaining money.

In order to take care of the achievement fans we have also prepared a detailed list of the achievements available on each of the platforms. In order to make acquiring them easier, we created a short description for each one of them.

Graveyard Keeper in a nutshell

Graveyard Keeper is a sandbox RPG with strategic elements developed for PC and XONE. The game was created by Lazy Bear Games studio, a team known for the popular Punch Club.

The game allows the player to play the role of a cemetery owner. The cemetery is situated in a land full of monsters and various magical threats. Thanks to this, the player cannot complain about the lack of customers.

Graveyard Keeper tells the story of a character running their own, rather unusual for a video game, business. However, the developer does not take the plot very seriously, as it is full of black humor and jokes from the elements of the game itself. The player's role is to explore the world, carry bodies, dig graves and organize funerals. There is no character to help in the game, so almost everything needs to be done by the player's own hands. In addition, regular business decisions are also required. Apart from taking care of the cemetery, it is also possible to organize a witch burning festivals on the stake and establish cooperation with the local church.

The authors have included a lot of black humor in the game, which can be either a pro or a con for some players. You can sell hot dogs made of corpses near the cemetery, or sell body parts and blood. In order to reduce expenses, it is also possible to dump the remains into the river and arrange only faked funerals. This game requires from the player many interesting ideas and calculation of costs.

Starting Tips

In Graveyard Keeper you will spend many hours exploring, completing missions, creating new items, organizing festivals, funerals and making business decisions. However, to make it easier for you to start the game, we have created a list of valuable tips that will help you get started. These tips mainly concern game elements responsible for exploration and crafting. They will make it easier for you to play during the first few hours of the game.

Crafting and Tools

Graveyard Keeper is based on creating new equipment and objects. This is a very important mechanic, because without it you cannot move the game forward. We have therefore prepared pages describing crafting, acquisition of schematics, as well as the repair and improvement of tools for everyday use. This will ensure that you will never again stand before an iron deposit with a dull pickaxe and that you will be able to enjoy the game.

Game World

To make it easier for you to find your place in Graveyard Keeper, we have created pages describing the NPCs in the game and the world prepared by the creators. In this guide you'll find a detailed map of the world presented in Graveyard Keeper, so you'll always know where to go.

Mission Tips

Missions in Graveyard Keeper allow you to follow the game's main storyline, but you can complete them any time you want and enjoy other aspects of the game in between them. We have prepared descriptions of some aspects of the mission in order to make it easier for you to complete the game without compromising your freedom.

Farm and cooking

In Graveyard Keeper, the dishes prepared by the character are important. Thanks to them it is possible to restore the energy and health of the character. We have prepared several pages dedicated to the farm and cooking, so that you will know how to prepare the best dish and what to do to be able to plant some carrots for the donkey.


Since Graveyard Keeper opts for a fantasy setting, it features magic and potions. Over time, your character will learn to create various kinds of potions. To make it easier for you to get to know the basics of alchemy, we have prepared several pages describing various potions and how to prepare them.


In the last chapter of the guide you will find a description of the technical aspects of Graveyard Keeper. We have created a detailed description of the hardware requirements, which will allow you to determine if your computer will be able to run the game. However, the game is not very demanding, so it should work even on older computers and laptops. Additionally, we have prepared a list of achievements that can be earned in the game and we have described them in detail so that you can quickly reach 100% completion.


We have created a short table with the default controls for Graveyard Keeper. A collection of all the key will help you quickly find your way in the dynamic game and make it easier for you to enjoy the game.

Control character - Graveyard Keeper Game Guide

Control character

Action - Graveyard Keeper Game Guide


Start menu / End interaction - Graveyard Keeper Game Guide

Start menu / End interaction

Map - Graveyard Keeper Game Guide


Inventory - Graveyard Keeper Game Guide


Tech tree - Graveyard Keeper Game Guide

Tech tree

Confirm action - Graveyard Keeper Game Guide

Confirm action

Use item - Graveyard Keeper Game Guide

Use item

NPC table - Graveyard Keeper Game Guide

NPC table

Will my PC run Graveyard Keeper?

Below we present the minimum hardware configuration required to run Graveyard Keeper on PC. The game has no graphics options, that would allow you to lower or increase the quality of textures and other graphic elements.

Minimum hardware requirements of Graveyard Keeper

  1. OS: Windows 7 32-bit
  2. CPU: Intel Core i5 1.5 GHz
  3. RAM: 4 GB
  4. GPU: GeForce 8600
  5. HDD space: 1 GB
  6. GPU memory: 256 MB

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About Graveyard Keeper Game Guide

Author : Natalia "N.Tenn" Fras for

Translator : Mateusz "Magpull" Pytlik

last update : August 22, 2018

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Graveyard Keeper Video Game

  • genre: RPG

  • developer: Lazy Bear Games
  • publisher: tinyBuild Games
  • platform: PC, XONE

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