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Fallout 3 Game Guide

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Rivet City | Main locations Fallout 3 Guide

Rivet City


- You should be able to encounter a beggar named Carlos near the bridge leading to Rivet City. The situation here is very similar to Megaton - you can him refined water and in "exchange" you'll raise your karma.

- Try searching for Mei Wong. She can be found on the top deck of the ship or in Rivet City - Middle deck. Talk to Mei and listen to her story about the slavers. You can give her 25 bottle caps, so that she can purchase a weapon to defend herself. In exchange she'll inform about the Temple of the Union. It's a safe haven for the ex-slaves. If you're playing as a bad character you can share this knowledge with Sister.

- Father Clifford can be found in Rivet City - Bridge, Rivet City - Upper deck or Rivet City - Middle deck. During your initial conversation with him you'll find out that he's running Saint Monica's church in Rivet City. You can agree to contribute by giving him bottle caps (max 100 caps at a time). Similar to Megaton, the amount of caps given to him is equal to amount of karma points gained by performing this good deed.

- During your conversation with Bannon you'll find out that Seagrave Holmes is trying to take his place in the city hall. Bannon will ask you to find evidence that would implicate Holmes in shady dealings. Visit Seagrave's quarters and if you're thorough, you will come across information that ties him to the slavers. You can use this knowledge both ways. If you share the information with Danvers you will help Bannon and he'll lower his prices. If you inform Danvers about an extortion attempt you will help Seagrave and he'll lower his prices.

- Vera Weatherly can be found in Rivet City - Upper deck. Talk to her and she can share gossip about her neighbours. You'll find out that Paulie Cantelli is a junkie trying to fight off his drug problem. She will also tell you about Lopez trying to commit suicide and about Angela Staley being in love with Diego.

- Paulie Cantelli (mentioned by Vera) can usually be found in his quarters in Rivet City - Middle deck. You can give him psycho if you want to lower your karma.

- During your first conversation with Angela Staley you'll find out that she's in love with Diego. Sadly they can't be together, because the boy is an acolyte in Saint Monica's Church. You can solve this problem trying to achieve a good or a bad ending. First of all, you can convince Diego that the church should be the most important thing for him and that he should keep ignoring Angela. You can talk to Father Clifford and convince him (by lying) that Angela and Diego are sleeping together. If you want to find a positive outcome, you must gain possession of ant queen pheromones. You can acquire the pheromones if you decide to kill the queen located in Grayditch sewers (Those! subquest). You can also travel to Shalebridge (the queen can be found in Shalebridge tunnels - hill) or to Corveg factory. Give the pheromones to Angela (screen). Sadly, she won't give you anything in return, so you're doing this for your personal satisfaction.

- Lopez can be found on the top level of the tanker - Rivet City - Main locations - Fallout 3 - Game Guide and Walkthrough

- Lopez can be found on the top level of the tanker. Exit the tower and you should notice him standing near the railing (screen). You can convince Lopez to commit suicide, but you would lose a lot of karma points. A better solution is to convince him to leave this area. This can only be done if you talked to Ted Strayer (he can also be found in Rivet City). If you save his life, you'll gain karma. Otherwise you'll lose a few points.

- Pinkerton will be mentioned by a few of Rivet City citizens and reaching him is required to fulfill two subquests - Rivet City - Main locations - Fallout 3 - Game Guide and Walkthrough

- Pinkerton will be mentioned by a few of Rivet City citizens and reaching him is required to fulfill two subquests. Obviously it won't be easy to find him. Head over to Rivet City market and choose a passageway leading to a torn part of the ship. You should be standing in front of a large gap (screen). Jump into the water and swim towards an underwater passageway. It'll lead you to a door to Rivet City - Broken bow. You'll be dealing with a lot of flooded corridors in this side of the ship. There are also a few mirelurks for you to take care of. Watch out for Pinkerton's traps, because they're difficult to spot. Finding his hideout shouldn't be hard from here. Don't forget to take at least one RadAway after you leave the water.

- Remember the naughty nightwear you found in Marigold Station - Rivet City - Main locations - Fallout 3 - Game Guide and Walkthrough

- Remember the naughty nightwear you found in Marigold Station? You can give the lingerie to Garza and he'll ask you to bring this item to Ronald Laren. Ronald can be found in Girdershade (Nuka-Cola challenge quest).

- If explore the top level of the bridge tower you should notice a sealed hatch. You might be able to open the hatch, but you have to raise your lockpicking skill to succeed. You'll find a single defense turret inside the room. Destroy it and explore this room carefully. There are a lot of useful items in the area.

- Aside from the main assignment, Abraham Washington from Rivet City - Middle deck can reward you for bringing him artifacts tied to the history of the United States. Most of these items can be found inside The National Archives and Museum of history. The only exception is the Soil Stradivarius - violin for Agatha (Agatha's song quest) found inside Vault 92. Obviously if you decide to give the violin to Abraham, you won't be able to complete the old lady's quest.


- Butch can be found in Rivet City, but only if you've chosen the best outcome to Troubles on the homefront subquest. This means you had to get rid of the Overseer and to convince Vault 101 citizens that it's safe to leave the crypt. The exact location of Butch is Rivet City - Muddy Rudder. You must be playing as a neutral character in order to be able to ask Butch to join you and to receive a confirmation from him that he'll follow you. Butch is a good teammate, so you should consider hiring him.


- Flak and Shrapnel (Rivet City market) - selling guns and repairing items

- Mr Buckingham and Vera Weatherly (Rivet City - Upper deck) - selling food

- Seagrave Holmes (Rivet City market) - selling items

- Gary Staley (Rivet City market) - selling food

- Bannon (Rivet City market) - selling clothes and repairing items

- Cindy Cantelli (Rivet City market) - selling medical supplies and drugs

- Belle Bonny (Rivet City - Muddy Rudder bar) - selling drinks


- Doctor Preston (Rivet City - Upper deck) - healing, lowering radiation, selling medical supplies

- Pan Buckingham and Vera Weatherly (Rivet City - Upper deck) - providing bed

- Pinkerton (Rivet City - Broken bow) - changing appearance

- Butch (Rivet City - Muddy Rudder bar) - changing hair (only if you "released" other citizens from Vault 101)

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