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Fallout 3 Game Guide

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Museum of history, Wilhelm's wharf, Paradise Falls | Main locations Fallout 3 Guide

Museum of history


- During your first visit to Museum of history - Underworld you are going to be greeted by a friendly ghoul called Winthrop. He'll tell you that the Underworld is the home for the ghouls. You can agree to his proposal - he'll give you RadAway, Rad-X or a stimpak for every 5 scraps of metal you bring him.

- Go to the Chop Shop and examine Reilly's body. She can be found lying on one of the beds. Listen to a short statement made by doctor Barrows and force him to wake up Reilly. As a reward you'll be allowed to start Reilly's Rangers subquest and you'll also receive a key to Reilly's hideout.

- During your conversation with Carol (she lives in Carol's place) you can mention Gob - a friendly ghoul you've met in Megaton.

- Azhurkal will be more than happy to buy Soil Stradivarius (violin) from you. This item is required to complete Agatha's song subquest. His initial offer is going to be 200 bottle caps, but you can try negotiating with him. I would recommend selling him the violin only if you plan on recruiting Charon. The reason is simple - Charon is going to kill his master when he joins you and this will allow you to take back the violin from Azhurkal. You can also use your stealth skills to steal the Soil Stradivarius, but that would result in minor karma losses.


- Charon - Azhurkal from the Ninth Circle bar will make you an offer. He'll mention that Charon is his slave and that you'll be allowed to buy him from him. This can go two ways. The easier solution would be to pay Azhurkal. He'll demand 2000 caps, but you'll be able to lower that amount significantly if you win a speech challenge. Alternatively you can agree to kill Greta, however the trick is that you can't be seen by any other ghouls. I would recommend waiting for her to exit the Underworld before attacking her. Either way, after acquiring the contract talk to Charon and share the news. Don't be surprised that he'll kill his former master. Thankfully he'll be more than happy to join you and he won't kill you in your sleep. ;-)


- Winthrop (Museum of history - Underworld) - repairing items and selling medical supplies

- Azhurkal (Museum of history - Underworld) - selling drinks and drugs

- Tulip (Museum of history - Underworld) - selling items

- Greta (Museum of history - Underworld) - selling food


- Doctor Barrows (Museum of history - Underworld) - healing, lowering radiation, selling medical supplies

- Carol (Museum of history - Underworld) - providing bed

- Snowflake (Museum of history - Underworld) - changing hair

Wilhelm's wharf


- During your conversation with Grandma Sparkles (she's sitting by one of the tables) you can find out about a group of men. She'll tell you that they've passed nearby and that they were looking for a Vault citizen. You can brake into her hut if you want to. Aside from a hunting rifle, you won't find anything of interest.


- Grandma Sparkles (Wilhelm's wharf) - selling food

Paradise Falls


- While trying to gain access to Paradise Falls you're going to be stopped by a slaver who goes by the name of Grouse. You can perform a task for him (Strictly business) and the reward would be gaining access to the inner compound. The exception is when you're playing as a very bad character. You would have been recognized instantly as a friend of the slavers and you wouldn't have any problems entering the compound. Alternatively you could try winning a speech challenge in order to avoid the subquest, but it's very difficult to succeed.

- Pronto can be found in Paradise Falls - Lock and load. You'll find out that he's an inexperienced trader. Pronto will make you an offer. If you deliver him some weapons, he will pay you back by making you his business partner. He'll also promise that he'll acquire better guns when his business grows overtime.

- You can be a witness to an execution made on a slave by the name of Frank. He was a bartender owned by Ymir.


- Clover - She's one of Eulogy's prostitutes. If you're playing as a bad character you will be allowed to make her an offer to join your team. In order to confirm your request you must talk to Eulogy and ask him to sell Clover. His initial reward is going to be 1000 bottle caps, but you'll be allowed to barter with him.


- Pronto (Paradise Falls - Lock and load) - selling guns and repairing items

- Frank (Paradise Falls) - selling drinks


- Cutter (Paradise Falls - Cutter's clinic) - healing, lowering radiation, selling medical supplies and drugs

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