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Fallout 3 Game Guide

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Girdershade, Grayditch, Hubris Comics | Main locations Fallout 3 Guide



- During your conversation with Ronald Laren you can hand him over a package from Garza (Rivet City). It's going to be a naughty nightwear which you've probably collected while trying to complete Those! quest. Obviously you should ask Ronald to pay you for your trouble, but this can only be achieved by winning a speech challenge.

- Sierra Petrovita will mention a secret recipe and one of the ingredients is going to be a Nuka-Cola Quantum. This can only be achieved if you're persuasive enough. If you succeed, you'll gain possession of a recipe for Mississippi quantum pie.



- Once you've completed Those! subquest and if you didn't make doctor Lesko angry you can visit the scientist. You can find him in his house. The exact location is Grayditch - abandoned shack. Lesko will have a proposition for you. If you agree to help him, he will pay you 40 bottle caps for each fire ants nectar you bring him. I would recommend that you begin collecting nectar much earlier, so you won't have to waste time trying to find dead ants.

Hubris Comics


- I would recommend visiting Hubris Comics building if you want to find out true identities of the superheroes from Canterburry Commons. Besides that, there's also one more interesting thing to do here. Enter the main building, marked as Hubris Comics - publishing. Get ready to dispose of large numbers of feral ghouls. Your objective is to proceed to the eastern section of the building. Locate a room with a Beta testing sign on the wall. Enter the room and proceed to a lower level. Watch out for traps! Find an active computer - Reign of Grelok (beta). Obviously you can use it to take part in the game.

This is a very simple game - Girdershade, Grayditch, Hubris Comics - Main locations - Fallout 3 - Game Guide and Walkthrough

This is a very simple game. The objective is to choose proper actions from the list. Here's the list of actions you must choose in order to succeed: 1) Travel north; 2) Look around; 3) Examine the blinking object; 4) Travel south; 5) Travel west; 6) Look around; 7) Talk to the wizard; 8) Travel east; 9) Travel south; 10) Look around; 11) Talk to the blacksmith; 12) Travel north; 13) Travel north; 14) Use magical sword on Grelok. Don't expect nothing more than a simple congratulations screen. You can retry the game if you want to, because there are some optional tasks you may participate in.

1 - Girdershade, Grayditch, Hubris Comics - Main locations - Fallout 3 - Game Guide and Walkthrough
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