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Fallout 3 Game Guide

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Citadel, Big Town, Evergreen Mills | Main locations Fallout 3 Guide



- I'd strongly recommend that you talk to Elder Lyons during your first stay in the Citadel. Ask him to allow you to participate in a training. Lyons will send you to talk to Gunny who can be found in the courtyard. Talk to Gunny and you'll receive a Power armor training perk. From now on you may use power armors used by Brotherhood of Steel, Enclave and other fractions.

- Find Durga in the armory (science laboratory). You'll find out that you won't be allowed to trade with Brotherhood of Steel unless you've received clearance from Elder Lyons. Talk to the old man and ask him to grant you access to the supplies.

- Scribe Rotchild can tell you something about a large robot called Liberty Prime which is being built by the brotherhood. You can also read data from a nearby terminal. You won't have to repair the robot and you should also know that it'll be used at the end of the game.

- Scribe Jameson will make you a proposal, concerning finding items connected to the brotherhood. You will be given a chance to collect holotags and holotapes tied to Brotherhood soldiers. For each finding you'll receive bottle caps or useful supplies.

- If you go to Citadel - B ring you should be able to come across a malfunctioning robot, called Sawbones. If you allow the machine to diagnoze your body you will receive massive injuries by mistake. You can resolve this problem by sharing your knowledge in science. If you succeed, not only you'll teach Sawbones to operate patients properly, but you'll also be given a free healing.

- Try talking to Knight Captain Gallows. He won't answer and you should also avoid saying anything. Choose not to say a word a few times and he'll end your "conversation" by informing you that apparently you understand each other. You may now talk to one of other paladins and you'll be informed that there's a bet on finding out his real name. Go back to Gallows and try to extract that information from him. He should tell you that his name is Irving, as long as you're persuasive enough. Go back to paladin Glade with this information and he'll reward you with 1000 bottle caps.


- Cross - You should encounter Star Paladin Cross during your first visit to the Citadel. Cross will make a proposal to travel as a team, but only if you're playing as a good character. Otherwise she'll refuse to cooperate. I would recommend accepting her offer.


- Scribe Peabody (Citadel) - repairing items

- Scribe Rotchild (Citadel) - repairing items

- Scribe Bowditch (Citadel) - repairing items

- Knight Captain Durga (Citadel- laboratory) - selling and repairing items


- Sawbones (Citadel- circle B) - healing (only if you repair him)

Big Town


- In order to receive healing from Red you must first save her, because she's been kidnapped by the supermutants. Read the description for Big trouble in Big Town side quest on how to do it. Talk to Pappy once you've completed this mission and he'll offer you better prices for his goods and services (repairing items).

- Make sure that you visit Red's clinic in Big Town. Look around the clinic and you'll notice a dying boy (Timebomb) on the table. You can end his suffering, but a better solution is to try and heal him. Obviously your medicine skill must be high in order for the operation on Timebomb to end with a success. The boy will thank you for helping him, but Red's reward is something you should be looking forward to. She will heal your injuries for free (!!) from now. Sadly this doesn't apply to fighting off the radiation.

- Once you've officially completed Big trouble in Big Town quest you can ignore helping the villagers in dealing with a supermutant counterattack. If you return here later on during the course of the game they'll probably be dead and you may also encounter a man stealing away their collectibles.


- Pappy (Big Town) - selling and repairing items


- Red (Big Town) - healing, lowering radiation, selling medical supplies

Evergreen Mills


- Inspect the central area of Evergreen Mills and you'll notice a large pen. You'll also find out that a huge supermutant behemoth is being held inside the pen. I would recommend that you free the beast, because it'll kill a lot of slavers for you. Obviously you can also open the pen to kill the behemoth. Use a minigun, a rocket launcher or a fatman (preferred choice) to eliminate it. Just make sure that it doesn't get too close and you should be fine.

- If you decide to go to Evergreen Mills - Bazaar you'll meet a friendly trader who goes by the name of Smiling Jack. Obviously you can trade with him, but I would recommend killing him, especially since you won't lose any karma over it. Instead you'll gain possession of his items (including the ones in his locker).

- Slaves are being held outside the factory and you can spend some time trying to free them. In order to do that you must gain possession of a key to slaver pens in Evergreen Mills. Don't forget to open both cages. Freeing the slaves will increase your karma.


- Smiling Jack (Evergreen Mills - Bazaar) - selling and repairing items

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