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Elex Game Guide

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Elex: How to survive at the start of the game? Elex Guide

Last update: Sunday, November 27, 2022

Initially, your adventure in Elex might prove quite problematic - your character lacks experience, has weak armor, and some opponents can kill you even with three blows. Because of that, consider using some pieces of advice you can find below:

  1. Develop your character as fast as possible. Improved traits and additional abilities are essential in order to survive in the dangerous world of Elex. Complete all the missions (as much as possible), kill the monsters, and look for the Elex Drink vials, which give you an immediate increase of experience points.
  2. Travel with a companion by your side. A companion offers you help in combat - initially, they are much stronger than your character, which allows them to kill monsters you could not defeat on your own (while all the experience points are given to you). Duras, a berserker, is the easiest companion to recruit to your team - you get to meet him at the beginning of your adventure.
  3. Avoid strong monsters. The beasts with a skull icon next to their name are impossible to defeat at a current experience level, however, you should pay attention to every single opponent. If you do not feel strong enough, you can use the jetpack and leave the battlefield. It is also a good idea to lure a monster to the nearby friendly characters - they will probably handle the problem, however, you have to remember you will not earn any experience points. It is also possible to provoke a fight between e.g. bandits and beasts. What is worth noticing, the main tracks are less filled with monsters, however, you will fewer less valuable items there.
Besides the advices listed above, you should also try to complete the easiest quests that you can find in Goliet - even the weakest character can finish them and they offer you a lot of experience - Elex: How to survive at the start of the game? - FAQ - Elex Game Guide
  1. Use food, plants, and beds. At the beginning of the game, you will often get injured, and the healing potions are quite expensive. Thus, consider using the healing options offered by the food and herbs you find while exploring the world. Using beds and sleeping bags is also a good way to regenerate your character. It is enough to find a place to sleep to instantly retrieve all health points.
  2. Buy a couple of useful (and universal) abilities. In Elex, there are certain skills that are useful no matter what sort of character you want to develop. For example, the Extra Hitpoints skill increases health points, the Armor increases... armor, and the Lock Picking will let you open more locks, which means you will find more Elexit, and hence will be able to build a better hero.
  3. Remember that opening the inventory doesn't pause the game. In Elex, switching to the equipment or hero screens doesn't stop the game - the character can be attacked. Avoid browsing your items when in a dangerous area.
  4. Don't forget to use the jetpack. The jetpack is perfect for exploring the gameworld, but it also works great in combat, allowing you to flee if anything goes wrong, or just to dodge enemy blows. If things go south, use the jetpack to escape the cold claws of death.
  5. Get a better weapon. In Goliet, you can find or buy weapons that are useful in the initial parts of the game - one-handed Horned Sword, Hatchet or Forge Wrench. More details can be found in FAQ - How to get better weapons at the start of the game?

Besides the advices listed above, you should also try to complete the easiest quests that you can find in Goliet - even the weakest character can finish them and they offer you a lot of experience.

  1. The Second Guard - this quest is an investigation. Berserker Alvar is lost and Berserker Eldur asks you to find him. Speak with Drog, Oran and, lastly, with Argor (you must do that in this order). Then, go to Ragnar's headquarters (to the back part of the hotel's ruins). There, you can find Alvar's corpse - examine them and read the note that you can find near the body. Go back to Eldur and tell him about the bad news - you receive 750 XP and 200 Elexit.
  2. Mutant Attack - this mission is activated automatically after reaching the agricultural part of Goliet (north side). The farmers and the guards are attacked by five mutated boars. The enemies are rather challenging but you shouldn't have problems with them because the NPCs will help you. To be honest, you don't even have to attack the monsters because the NPCs will defeat them without any problems. You receive 800 XP.
  3. Free Beer - this is a simple quest in which you have to give beer to a guard that stands near the west gate of Goliet. Fulfilling his request gives you 100 XP but you can also try to convince him to change his mind - you receive 50 Elexit. However, in order to do that, you need to have one point in Combat. You can also start fighting with the guard but this is not a good idea if your character is weak.
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