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Elex Game Guide

Table of Contents

Crafting Elex Guide

Last update: Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Use a Workbench to create and upgrade items (a bench like that can be found in bigger locations, e.g. in Goliet). You need recipes to create new items - they are offered by traders or you can find them in the game's world. Crafting is divided into four categories:

  1. Weapons - here, you can upgrade, modify and dismantle weapons as well as create various types of ammo. This category is the most developed one, more details can be found below.
  2. Brew Potions - here, you can create potions and stimulants. In order to create potions (those more complex because the basic ones, e.g. healing potions can be created without any special abilities) you need Clerics or Berserker abilities and in order to create stimulants you need Chemistry ability.
  3. Create jewelry - here, you can create rings and amulets. In order to craft them you need Goldsmith ability.
  4. Stones - the last category is for creating special stones that can be placed in Adjutor (the panel which is used by Jax to check his equipment, stats, missions, etc.) or in weapons. Stones give different effects and in order to make them you need Gemstone Socket ability.

Let's go back to the Weapons category. First and foremost, you need Modify Weapons ability which allows you to upgrade weapons.

When you click on a selected weapon, you will see the screen above - Crafting - Gameplay basics - Elex Game Guide

When you click on a selected weapon, you will see the screen above. Improve Weapon option increases damage of a given weapon. The option next to it - Modify Weapon - allows you to add fire, cold or poison effect and create a slot for previously mentioned Gemstones. The last option - Salvage Weapon - allows you to dismantle a weapon. You get a lot of resources but in order to get them you need Unscrew ability. Below the mentioned options you can also find slots for stones.

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