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Elex Game Guide

Table of Contents
Elex - Atlas - World map
Elex - Atlas - World map
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Elex: World exploration Elex Guide

Last update: Sunday, November 27, 2022

Elex offers a huge map that can be freely explored right from the start. However, this is not an easy task and you should prepare yourself. Many places are inhabited by dangerous beasts that are very difficult to defeat and some locations that belong to people can only be visited if you can meet certain requirements.

The world can only be explored on foot – you won't find any horses or vehicles. Your only help is your jet pack that you receive in the beginning. It can help you to reach various places but also to safely go down from cliffs, mountains or tall buildings. Jet pack is also useful during fights and it allows you to perform additional dodges.

Teleporters, scattered around the world, are also useful. However, they can only be used after you find them which means that you need to discover them first. You can move to a discovered teleporter from any place and at any time. Creating a network of teleporters will allow you to quickly and comfortably move around the entire planet.

A map is necessary during exploration - Elex: World exploration - Gameplay basics - Elex Game Guide

A map is necessary during exploration. The various icons, displayed on it, can help you a lot:

  1. Quest markers – they specify a target and a quest giver.
  2. Trainers icon – they mark places where a given trainer can be found, you can also learn what discipline they teach. Usually, trainers stay in villages and cities.
  3. Traders icon – they mark places where a trader can be found. Usually they stay in safe locations but you can also find them outside of those places.
  4. Companions icon – they mark a place where our companion (described by their name) can be found.
  5. Teleporters icon – they allow you to move to a selected place.
  6. Your own icon – you can place your own markers on the map.
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