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Diablo 2 Resurrected Guide by

Diablo 2 Resurrected Guide

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Diablo 2 Resurrected: The list of all story bonuses Diablo 2 Resurrected guide, tips

On this page of the Diablo 2 Resurrected guide, you'll learn about the bonuses awarded for completing story-related quests.

Story bonuses are very significant and most of them should be saved for the late game. Below you'll find a list and commentary which will advise you which missions to complete first, which rewards should be redeemed immediately, and which ones should be saved for later.

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Act 1

  1. Den of Evil- a possibility of resetting all skills and attributing them anew by talking to Akara (should be saved until endgame).
  2. Sisters' Burial Grounds - mercenaries become available, one Rogue joins the team for free.
  3. Search for Cain - Deckard Cain appears in the camp. He can identify your items for free. Akara will give you a ring.
  4. The Forgotten Tower - this mission doesn't offer any rewards in particular, but its mini-boss - The Countess - always drops runes, making this a perfect area for farming them.
  5. Tools of the Trade - Charsi will enchant one item for you, giving it unique properties (should be saved until endgame). The item must be non-magical and without any gem slots.

Act 2

  1. Radament's Lair - reducing traders' prices. After defeating the boss you can find a Book of Skill which adds a point to a skill of your choice (worth saving for later).
  2. Horadric Staff - access to the Horadric Cube. If you use a staff in combat, the Horadric Staff (Staff of Kings) can be quite a useful weapon for you during this act.
  3. Tainted Sun - the areas regain light.
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