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Storm class javelin in Anthem Anthem Guide and Walkthrough

On this page of the Anthem game guide, you will find the description of the Storm class. The Storm is one of the four main classes of Javelins (exosuits). From our description, you will be able to learn about the general applications of the Storm class and about the elements of this suit that make it stand out from the rest of the classes.

The description of the Storm class is a work in progress. This section will be expanded in the near future to also include suggested builds for this particular class.

Who is the Storm class for?

The Storm class excels at inflicting powerful, area of effect damage and at imposing negative status effects on enemies - Storm class javelin in Anthem - Javelin Classes - Anthem Guide

The Storm class excels at inflicting powerful, area of effect damage and at imposing negative status effects on enemies.

  1. Playing the Storm class can in many ways resemble playing a mage. Your character will be able to use the elements against your enemies, and freeze, burn or shock them. This will allow you to expose your enemies to your subsequent attacks, or to cooperate with other players and make it easier to execute combo attacks together.
  2. Using firearms is of little priority when playing the Storm class. Your main focus will be on using your abilities to the greatest possible effect and on trying to reduce their cooldown periods.
  3. The Storm class will allow you to hover in the air for longer. Attacking your foes from such a position is recommended in the vast majority of encounters.
  4. While playing the Storm class you must take care of your armour. Dodging is still very much available to you, however, it comes in the form of teleportation over short distances.

What abilities does the Storm class have?

The first group of abilities of the Storm class are focus seals. Depending on your loadout you can, e.g. shoot ice fragments that will freeze enemies, launch fireballs to incinerate targets, or cause a massive electric discharge that will bounce from one enemy to another. Some of these abilities can either be simple single attacks or charged attacks, which will gain more power the longer you prepare for their use.

The second group of abilities of the Storm class are blast seals. In this case, you will also have a choice between multiple elements. The main character can, e.g. summon a powerful lightning strike, cause an ice storm, or create a powerful explosion. These attacks usually effect a selected area rather than a single target.

When playing the Storm class it is a good idea to pick different elements for each of the offensive seals. This increases the chances of inflicting bonus damage from combo attacks. Additionally, you will also have a safeguard that will protect you when a certain enemy will be largely immune to a specific element.

The third group of abilities of the Storm class are the passive support seals. They have various uses and can, e.g. be used to deflect projectiles fired by enemies or to reduce the cooldowns of your abilities.

The Storm's ultimate ability is the Elemental Storm. This is a powerful attack, which will bombard a target area with the forces of the elements.

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